15 Crazy Superstitions Related to Being Left Handed

Let’s deviate from left handed guitars for a second and chat about being awesome left handed people in general.  We’ve compiled a list of 15 superstitions, myths and tales of folklore which show the stigmas associated with being left handed in times gone by.

For the most part there are very few positive myths associated with the left hand.  The overwhelming majority of left handed superstitions involve some general theme of bad luck and evil, devil worshipping madness.  Hope you aren’t too superstitious!

Negative Left Handed Superstitions, Myths and Tales of Folklore

1.In ancient imagery the left hand would generally symbolise ‘female’, while the right hand would symbolise ‘male’.

2.Many people believed it bad luck to pass a drink to someone with your left hand.  Likewise, pouring a drink with your left hand isn’t going to bring you luck!

3.Staying on the subject of drinking – giving a toast with your left hand is the same as placing a curse on the person(s) you are toasting!

4.In the profession of dressmaking it is considered bad luck to attach the left sleeve before sewing on the right one.

5.Which foot do you place on the floor first when getting out of bed?  Many people believe that getting out of bed left foot first will result in you having a bad day!

6.If you have a twitch in your left eye you will see an adversary, but if the twinge is in your right you will see a friend.

7.If you have an itch on your left palm this means you will need to pay some money out, whereas if it’s on your right you will be the one receiving the cash.

8.The Devil has been associated with the left handed for thousands of years. In 1431 Joan of Arc was found guilty of being a witch and burned at the stake.  Depictions show her as being left handed in order to make her appear more evil!

9.The tradition of wearing your wedding ring on the left handed was started by Romans, who used the ring to ward off evil associated with the left.

10.People believed that evil spirits would skulk behind your left shoulder. In Roman times salt was a very valuable commodity and it was seen as extremely bad luck to spill some.  This is why if you spill salt you should throw it over the left shoulder – to appease the Devil!

11.Do you ever experience a ringing in your ears?  Apparently if it’s in your right ear this means that someone is praising you, whereas if it’s in your left someone is busy cursing you!

12.If you are going travelling and your left foot itches you are going to have a bad journey.  An itch on your right foot will result in a pleasant and efficient voyage.

13.At the beginning of a new year, if you hear a cuckoo singing in your right ear then you will have a lucky year.  If you hear it in your left, well, you get the idea by now…

Positive Left Handed Superstitions and Myths

They can’t all be bad right? 😉  Well I struggled, but I managed to find two…

14.In Spring, if you dig up a lump of coal from underneath your left foot then you will have good luck that year.

15.Indigenous tribes from the Andes believed that left handed people possessed spiritual powers, such as magic and healing.

Well that’s it folks.  Apparently for the most part we’re all evil, devil worshipping witches with the ability to curse someone just by looking at them funny.  Hope you’re not too superstitious! 😉

If you have any interesting left handed superstitions, myths or tales of folkore, leave a comment below!  Also be sure to check out our article 25 Amazing Facts About Left Handed People!

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  1. Khongi
    Khongi says:

    I’m very much proud to be a lefty guy and we are only two right to my family.
    and to me I feel as bless or a gift from GOD, and I’m total very happy because to be lefty is too much unique.

  2. halo4
    halo4 says:

    I’m a lefty kiwi girl I’m proud a gift from god to be left handed.to any lefties out there we are “NOT” dumb we are special in our own lefty world. :)

  3. nidhi
    nidhi says:

    i never heard anything good about being lefty , but ya i feel good when someone look at me surprisingly that i write too fast with my left hand & they r like “hey luk she writes so fast wid left hand “hehe !! and i dnt hv any allergies (not yet) im 18. i dnt mind anymore when im eating something & someone interrupt me that u shud eat from ur right hand , i dnt give a damn to this thing!!! ????

  4. Yashi lee
    Yashi lee says:

    Always proud to be a lefty!
    According to the folks I’ve heard, itch on the left palm means you’re receiving cash..
    And the people around me think lefties are geniuses..

  5. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    I’m left handed and I had some people say I would be a great baseball pitcher because of that. I’m not though cause I throw like a girl…probably because I’am one. LOL.

  6. Ryda
    Ryda says:

    danced ballet when I was I was 3, taught myself piano when I was 4′ learned violin when I was 12. Played piano, vinlin,, viillia and Chelonia, majored in in painting in painting and sculpture. Have drawn since I was 3.the only lefties in the famlily in a family of righties.. Had a daddy who was a rightyie who believed in me. Love finds a way. So does art

  7. lucky
    lucky says:

    Both foot n hand,m gud at evrythn I hv tried so far,extremely gud at swimming n football,I love being a lefty so very much,it feelz gud to b unique

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