20 Kick Ass Guitar Tattoos

Several years ago I published an article which showcased some of the absolute worst guitar related tattoos I could dredge from the bowels of the interwebs. So I thought it would be fun to flip things around and try to dig up some guitar tattoos which didn’t make me want to hurt myself.

And…it wasn’t easy! Perhaps I am just too picky, but I found it a surprising challenge to uncover more than a handful of guitar tattoos which warranted a second glance.  There are a huge number of people out there with ink which has clearly been applied by a skilled artist, but the addition of a guitar into the mix has just completely ruined the piece. In general, guitars just don’t seem to translate well as tattoo art.

However, I did manage to source 20 which in my opinion are pretty respectable (or at least have a great concept to be developed). For example, to me the first tattoo seems a bit bold on its own – but it could look great as an element within a larger sleeve. See what you think…

Guitar Tattoos Don’t Always Look Terrible

Click the images to enlarge (opens in a new window).

Guitar Tattoo 1Skeleton Guitar TattooHufschmid Guitars TattooMusic Tree Tattoo
Gibson TattooRIP TattooSkull TattooCartoon Tattoo
Color TattooEMG TattooWrist TattooAcoustic Tattoo
Rock n Roll TattooGuitar TattooBack TattooBass Tattoo
Fender TattooGuitar SleeveNightmare Before Xmas TattooSkull and Guitar Tattoo

Did any of these catch your eye, or have you seen better?  Leave a comment below.

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6 replies
  1. JBFairthorne
    JBFairthorne says:

    I particularly dig the one’s from the headstock perspective looking down the guitar. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s almost as if the odd perspective helps prevent the guitar from looking wonky as so many do when drawn as just a plain front shot.

    • Neal Beedie
      Neal Beedie says:

      Yes, I could count on one hand those that I liked that just had a flat guitar on its own. When I say liked, I mean could tolerate 😛

  2. S Wolf
    S Wolf says:

    The only row where I really like them all is row four, but I can’t imagine wanting any of even those four forever. I think part of the problem is that guitars look kind of strange as body art, especially arm art.

    My favorite overall is the third one in row two. It doesn’t look as weird because it’s not on her arm. My least favorite is probably the one with the pinup. As a female electric guitarist, I find it frustrating that guitars are often associated with scantily-clad women, although I suppose the art itself is pretty good.

  3. mcarp555
    mcarp555 says:

    As an old fart, I don’t see anything that would change my opinion that perhaps *not* using your body as a sketch pad is still the best option.

  4. JBFairthorne
    JBFairthorne says:

    Plenty of “old farts” with tattoos. I still remember the anchor on my Grandfather’s forearm from my childhood. Quite a lot of WW2 vets had ink.

    • mcarp555
      mcarp555 says:

      Yes, but tats then were seen as something sailors, bikers or loose women had. The “average” joe (and certainly his wife) were unmarked.


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