New 2016 Left Handed Schecter Guitars

In addition to the already way above average left-handed range, Schecter has introduced a few more new left handed guitars to the stable for 2016.

Left Handed Schecter 2016 Guitars
From left to right: Jeff Loomis JL-6 and JL-7 FR, Keith Merrow KM-6 and KM-7 MKII, C-6 Plus, Jeff Loomis Cygnus JLX-1 FR

There’s some really awesome guitars being introduced this year, but what really catches my eye here is the new MK-II Keith Merrow signature. It’s rare to get a left handed model from Schecter in colors other than black or red, so this model in natural is a real stand-out option. And take a look at the fantastic detail on the headstock.  Love it.

New 2016 Schecter Left Handed Guitars

Keith Merrow KM-6 and KM-7 MKII

Left Handed Schecter Keith Merrow KM-6 MKII Guitar

Available in both 6 and 7-string versions, the new left handed Keith Merrow MK-II features redesigned body contours and upgraded appointments.

  • Body : Swamp Ash
  • Top : Flamed Maple
  • Neck : Maple/Wenge 5-pc with Carbon Fiber rods
  • Fingerboard : Ebony
  • Pickups : Seymour Duncan Sentient/Nazgul
  • Product Link : KM-6 MK-II and KM-7 MK-II

Jeff Loomis JL-6 and JL-7 FR

Left Handed Schecter Jeff Loomis JL-7 Guitar

Also available in both 6 and 7-string variations, the 2016 Jeff Loomis FR features upgraded appointments such as a 1500 Series Floyd Rose and Jeff’s new signature Seymour Duncan pickups.

  • Body : Swamp Ash
  • Bridge : Floyd Rose 1500 Series
  • Neck : Maple
  • Fingerboard : Maple
  • Pickups : Seymour Duncan Jeff Loomis Active
  • Product Link : JL-6 FR and JL-7 FR

Jeff Loomis ‘Cygnus’ JLX-1

Left Handed Schecter Jeff Loomis Cygnus JLX1 FR Guitar

The new and aggressive ‘Cygnus’ from Jeff Loomis features his new signature Seymour Duncan pickups and an exclusive 1500 Series Floyd Rose.

  • Body : Swamp Ash
  • Top : Quilted Maple
  • Bridge : Floyd Rose 1500 Series
  • Neck : 3-piece Maple
  • Fingerboard : Maple
  • Pickups : Seymour Duncan Jeff Loomis Active
  • Product LinkJLX-1 FR

C-6 Plus

Left Handed Schecter C-6 Plus Guitar

And finally, the C-6 Plus is a great, entry-level instrument for new lefty players who yearn for an affordable metal guitar in a color other than gloss black!

  • Body : Basswood
  • Top : Quilted Maple Image
  • Neck : Maple
  • Fingerboard : Rosewood
  • Pickups : Schecter Diamond Plus
  • Product Link : C-6 Plus

Apologies if some of these links do not work for you – Schecter serves up a different web site to those of us not in the USA. Check out the link below to see all of the guitars together.

For More Information:
Schecter 2016 New Guitars

4 replies
  1. Australia lefty
    Australia lefty says:

    soo sad see that 2016 still only give us lefty people ‘black guitars”come on we always spend more money on a guitar that a right people so why we can have more color options ??

  2. Austin
    Austin says:

    Man Schecter always delivers on the amount of awesome lefty guitars available… If only Ibanez was that way, what I wouldn’t do to get one of the new Iron Label 7 strings in a southpaw version…


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