Newbie Series Part 4 : Lefty Beginner Bass Guitars

So you want to learn bass guitar huh? Let’s see if I can get you started…

This article lists a number of quality beginner bass guitars that are still reasonably priced and should give you a solid introduction to your new hobby.  As a good rule of thumb, if you stick with big name brands it is hard to go too far wrong. If you are buying for a child or would prefer a smaller guitar, check out my post on 3/4 sized left handed guitars.

As a beginner there really isn’t a lot you need to ponder over. Seriously. Types of woods used, number of frets, types of tuners – these are really non-issues for now. Just buy something (preferably from the list below) that you like the looks of and dive in. But just before we start looking at the basses, there are a couple of things you might like to consider…

Bass Guitar AnatomyNumber of Strings

Your traditional bass guitar will generally have 4 strings tuned EADG from low to high.  Bass guitars are available with 5, 6 or even more strings, but if you are starting out it is generally recommended to begin with a 4-string model.

Long, Medium or Short Scale?

Bass Guitar Scale LengthA standard 4-string bass generally has a 34 inch scale length (the distance between the nut and the bridge), however many other sizes are available. If you are a younger player you may find it easier to begin on a shorter scale length model (generally 30 inches or less) before graduating to a 34 inch or higher bass later on. Likewise, someone with smaller hands might find a short-scale bass easier to get on with.

There is a difference in tone between basses of different scale lengths, but at this early stage it isn’t going to be a big deal. If you decide to go for a smaller bass you can also check out my guide to 3/4 Size Left Handed Bass Guitars.

Here are a few great beginner bass models for the aspiring lefty bassist. Unless otherwise stated, these are all 4-string models.  I have also listed their scale lengths in bold and provided links for current pricing and specifications. They are also listed in order of my own personal preference.

Best Left Handed Bass GuitarsPopular Left Handed Bass Guitars Under $200

  1. Dean Edge 09 34link
  2. Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro 28.6link
  3. Rogue LX200B 34red blue
  4. Tanglewood Rebel 34link

Popular Left Handed Bass Guitars Under $300

  1. Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Sunburst 34link
  2. Ibanez GSR200 34link
  3. ESP Ltd B50 34link
  4. Ibanez GSR205 5-String 34link
  5. Rogue VB100 Violin Bass 31link
  6. Stagg BC300 34natural or black

Popular Left Handed Bass Guitars Under $400

  1. Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Natural 34link
  2. Ibanez SR300L 34link
  3. Hofner Violin Bass 31link

Neal Says: What would I recommend personally? For general all-round versatility, I would pick up one of the two Squier Vintage Modified Jazz basses. In fact – I did! I have the natural model hanging on the wall in front of me as I type this. These jazz basses are pretty much the go-to bass for new bass players, and great universally great reviews.

Alternatively, if you’d like something a little less traditional looking, my choice would be the GSR200L from Ibanez.  Again, this is another bass that I have owned and can recommend personally. It’s well made, sounds great and will hold its value well due to the popularity of this bass amongst new players. The SR300L is an even better choice if you can stretch your budget that little bit further!

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9 replies
  1. LeftyNoob1000 says:

    Hey great site thanks for all the useful tips. Is a Stagg BC300LH left handed bass guitar a very good choice or is it worth avoiding?

    • Neal says:

      The Stagg’s are fine beginner guitars. I’ve tried a couple myself and although they aren’t as good as the Fender’s they’re modelled after, for the price they are great.

      • LeftyNoob1000 says:

        Ok thanks I'll look at reviews before buying.
        P.S Thanks for answering my question so quickly and keep up the great site 😀

  2. Connor says:

    What about SX/Rondomusic basses? They’re dirt cheap (I know I’d be replacing pickups and hardware, but at such a low price it’s a given) so it is more tempting. I’ve heard good things about Rondomusic and their stuff but I still am exercising caution about really cheap Chinese instruments. So is it worth it to consider buying one of the SX basses? (Note: I do not care about resale value, it has no effect on my decision. If I don’t like the bass I’ll donate it or something instead of selling it)

    • Neal says:

      From Rondo, the Agiles are great guitars for the money. SX/Brice are a little more iffy and get mixed reviews.

      They will of course get the job done until you advance and decide to upgrade. But if you spend an extra $100 or so you can get something like the Squier VM or Ibanez GSR, which could potentially last you a lot longer. I have the Squier bass myself and can highly recommend it. It sounds perfectly good from stock, so no extra expense replacing electronics.

  3. Barry says:

    Tomorrow I’m picking up a lefty Squier Precision Bass with a 1996 Korean serial number for £140 ($220).

    It looks like mint in the photos but I’ll give it a look over of course. Does that sound like a good deal and a decent starter bass? It’s pretty hard to find anything to compare it to here in the UK.


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