Newbie Series Part 2 : Lefty Beginner Electric Guitars

Best Beginner Left Handed Electric Guitars

So you’re looking for the best beginner left handed electric guitars, huh? Let’s see if I can get you started…

This article lists a number of quality beginner guitars that are still reasonably priced and should give you a solid introduction to your new hobby.  As a good rule of thumb, if you stick with big name brands it is hard to go too far wrong. If you are buying for a child or would prefer a smaller guitar, check out my post on 3/4 sized left handed guitars.

As a beginner there really isn’t a lot you need to ponder over. Seriously. But just before we start looking at the guitars, there is one thing you might like to consider…

Do You Need Single-Coil or Humbucker Pickups?

Single Coil vs Humbucker

The image above shows the two most common styles of electric guitar – on the left a Fender Stratocaster, and on the right a Gibson Les Paul. The thin pickups on the Stratocaster are called Single Coils, and the larger pickups on the Les Paul are Humbuckers.

Single-Coil – As you can probably guess from the name, these pickups are made using a single coil of wire. Typically they produce a bright, lively tone with low to moderate output which makes them better suited to clean or lower gain play styles. That’s not to say they can handle the heavier stuff, here’s a video of me using the Squier Strat shown above (and recommended below!) for some reasonably high gain music.

Humbuckers – These typically have a fatter sound and higher output than single-coil pickups, and are therefore a little more suited to styles of playing which use distortion. Although that’s not to say that they can’t handle cleaner tones as well – they just won’t be quite as bright and crisp sounding as a single-coil options.

I would suggest that for your first guitar, it really doesn’t matter too much what you pick. You will be able to play any style of music on either option. That is, unless you want to rip out some high gain metal as soon as possible. You sir, need humbuckers!

Enough talk!  Let’s see the guitars! 

Best Guitars by Price

Complete Packages Under $150

If you don’t have the time to pick and choose everything you need, then a package deal is going to give you the easiest route to getting started. There’s a couple of options I recommend, depending on whether you need a single-coil or humbucker equipped guitar. Let’s take a look…

Most of the kits listed below feature (Fender) Stratocaster style guitars. The Strat is the most popular guitar style in the world, and for good reason! It makes for a great first guitar because it is super versatile, has a comfortable contoured body, and is lightweight and easy to handle. Perfect!

SX RST Package Header

On a tight budget, the package that I happily recommend is the SX RST kit shown below. This Stratocaster style package comes in a ton of different colors, and includes everything you need to get started. i.e. a Guitar, amplifier, tuner, gigbag, cable, lessons, strap and picks. For a mere $125 the value on offer here is nothing short of astonishing – how do they do it!? Check them out at the links below.

Beginner Left Handed Electric Guitar Packages

Main features on the guitars include a basswood body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, adjustable truss-rod, 3 single-coil pickups with 5-way selector switch, and a vintage style bridge with 6 adjustable saddles to ensure perfect intonation. The included amplifier is a 10-watt SX model with a 5.5″ speaker. The perfect size for bedroom practice, but also has a headphone jack for night time jamming. Click here for a great overview video from our friend (and fellow lefty!) Jon Way. Note: I’ve included a couple of extra 7/8 sized options which kids and smaller individuals may prefer, but note that these do not come bundled with an amp.

Sawtooth Package Header

Another Strat (and Tele!) style bundle that I recommend is this similar package from Sawtooth (pictured below) which includes a few extra color combinations!

Left Handed Strat Tele Beginner Guitar Packs

The Sawtooth kit is very similar to the SX RST bundle, and when you consider the free shipping, both kits end up at roughly the same price point. There’s also the choice of a great looking Telecaster style package. This package offers a few extras over the SX kits, such as quality Chromacast headstock tuner and picks, as well as a handy guitar stand. The Sawtooth kit gives you a few extra options such as maple fingerboards, matching headstock finish, black pickguards, and one black model even has a fancy mirrored scratchplate! When all is said and done, there isn’t much difference between the two kits, so pick whichever you think looks best!

Davison Package Header

For Those About to ROCK…

While the SX or Sawtooth packages above are going to be ideal for most styles of music, what about if you want to tackle some heavier styles of rock and metal? Well for you, I recommend the humbucker equipped packages by Davison shown below. Pick your favorite color!

Beginner Left Handed Rock Guitar Package

Again, this package comes with everything you need to get started. This no-frills guitar is designed to be as simple as possible, with just a single humbucker pickup in the bridge position. It’s unlikely you’ll miss having a neck pickup, as if you’re into heavier music the bridge humbucker is what you’ll use 95% of the time anyway.

Main features include a basswood body, maple neck and fingerboard, powerful bridge humbucker and tone/volume controls. The packs ship with a 10 watt amp which includes a headphone jack for quiet night-time practice. At just $110 this little gem of a package will get you rocking out in no time at all.

To give you an idea of how good these kits are – at the time of writing, the right handed versions are the number one, best-selling electric guitars on Amazon, with an average customer rating of 4.5/5. That’s an incredible feat when you consider how many 1000s of guitars the retail giant sells!

Popular Left Handed Electric Guitars Under $200

Unlike the packages above, none of the guitars in the remainder of this article are bundled with amplifiers. So make sure to also check out Part Six of the Newbie Guide where I make choosing your first amp super simple!

Best Left Handed Electric Guitars Under $200

  1. Squier Affinity Stratocaster – click here for info
  2. Squier Affinity Telecaster – click here for info

Neal Says: The Squier Affinity series is where most new electric guitarists on a budget will start out. They’re affordable, look fantastic, play great, and you’ve got that famous name on the headstock, which means that they’ll hold their value over time! Both guitars have an alder body coupled with a maple neck and your choice of maple or rosewood fingerboards. They will handle any genre of music comfortably, with the exception of heavy metal and other very high gain styles. For under $200 these two are definitely your best choice – pick whichever style you like best, as both are very similar sound-wise. All you need to ask yourself is whether you are a Strat or a Tele person.

Popular Left Handed Electric Guitars Under $300

Best Left Handed Guitars Under $300

  1. Squier Standard Stratocaster Antique Burst
  2. Ibanez GRX70QA
  3. ESP Ltd MH-50
  4. Jackson JS32L Dinky

Click Here for the Best Prices on These 4 Guitars

Neal Says: Once again I’ve placed a Squier at the top of the list! The Standard Series is a step above the Affinity models mentioned in the previous price bracket. You just can’t go wrong with one of these little gems. One of these is going to be a very versatile choice in this price bracket.

Although! If you are looking to rock out that little bit harder, you’ll probably need some powerful humbucker pickups, right? In this case, you’ll want to take a look at either of the excellent remaining 3 choices. These 3 are very similar, so it’s probably going to come down to which color you like best.

The ESP and Jackson feature a Floyd Rose style ‘whammy bar’ with a locking nut to allow for stable tuning while performing crazy divebombs and other sound effects. Think about whether or not you you would like one of these, as while the Floyd Rose is a lot of fun, it is a little more complicated than the tremolo found on the Ibanez.

Popular Left Handed Electric Guitars Under $400

Cheap Left Handed Guitars

  1. Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster – click here for info
  2. Squier Classic Vibe 60s Stratocaster – click here for info
  3. Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster – click here for info
  4. Epiphone G-400 Pro – click here for info
  5. Schecter C-6 Deluxe – click here for info

Neal Says: Are you starting to see a trend here? Squier once again claims the top spot. In my humble opinion, the Classic Vibe series from Squier are the best value electric guitars available – period. I have the 50s Strat (cheesy video) and Tele myself, and honestly prefer them over my USA Fenders which cost 3-4 times the price. One of these could potentially be your main guitar for life. As a beginner, you just aren’t going to notice the marginal difference in sound between the 50s and 60s models – pick whichever looks the best to you. You’ll thank me later..honest!

For a thicker sound check out the humbucker equipped Epiphone G-400 Pro or Schecter C-6 Deluxe. The Epiphone has a neat little trick up its sleeve – you can ‘split’ the humbucker coils to give a brighter single-coil sound. The best of both worlds! Metal fans and budding shred maestros will love the Schecter, with its sharp looks and fast, thin neck.

Popular Left Handed Electric Guitars Around $400-$600

Best Left Handed Electric Guitars Under $500

  1. Epiphone Les Paul Standard – ebony / heritage cherry burst
  2. Fender Standard Stratocaster – click here for info
  3. Fender Standard Telecaster – click here for info
  4. Epiphone Les Paul Custom – click here for info
  5. Ibanez RG450 – click here for info

Neal Says: These are all really solid choices. For under $600 you can get yourself a bona fide Fender Strat or Tele, and these guitars come in a huge number of color choices to sweeten the deal. You get a lot of bragging rights by having that logo on your headstock too! These are definitely your best choice if you need a single-coil equipped guitar.

Alternatively, the Epiphones will give you that authentically beefy sound that only a Les Paul can produce. Everyone looks cool wearing a Les Paul! If you’re wondering why the Heritage Cherry Les Paul Standard costs a little more than the Ebony, it’s because it’s a slightly different model. The Heritage Cherry comes with a fancy flamed maple top, pickup upgrades, and the ability to coil tap. This basically means that you can ‘split’ the humbucker pickups to give a more jangly, singlecoil sound if desired – pretty cool! Or for the ultimate in class, check out the Les Paul Custom, with it’s sleek black finish and all gold hardware.

Finally. the Ibanez will be the best choice for those of you wanting to become the next shred maestro or heavy metal monster! Its fast, thin neck, powerful humbucker pickups and aggressive styling makes the RG the world’s favorite precision instrument.

Any one of these will make a great starter guitar, but obviously if you are willing to drop a little more coin then things can only get better! As a beginner left handed guitarist the choice isn’t exactly overwhelming, but don’t worry, things get much better later on. And hey, it makes your decision right now much easier!

A Note on Scale Length

Scale length is defined as the distance between where the strings contact the nut and where they contact the bridge, i.e. the length of the string that will vibrate to produce a sound.  Typically there are two common scale lengths – 24 3/4 inches and 25 1/2 inches.  For the most part, Gibson style guitars (Les Pauls, SGs etc..) will utilise the shorter 24 3/4 inch length, while most other guitars will generally use the more common 25 1/2 inches.

Guitar Scale Length DiagramAll other things being equal, a longer scale length will result in increased string tension.  This will give a slightly brighter sound with a tighter bottom end.  The added tension will also make it slightly more difficult to bend strings. Shorter scale lengths will give a thicker, chunky lower end, and make string bending a little easier.

If you have smaller hands you may prefer to start with a 24 3/4 inch guitar such as a Les Paul or SG type due to the slightly shorter stretches required.  Otherwise, don’t worry about it too much for now.

Next Task! If your chosen guitar didn’t come bundled with an amplifier, then head to Part Six below where I make choosing your first amp super easy. Otherwise, Part Eight will hook you up with a few extra inexpensive accessories that you’ll need to get off to the best start.

Still have questions? Feel free to send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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