New Carvin DC600 Left Handed Guitar

It seems that this week is packed with news of brand new left handed guitars, and here is another addition, this time from Carvin.  After many requests from customers Carvin have decided to release the DC600 which is based on the popular DC700 7-string model.

Carvin DC600 Left Handed Guitar

The DC600 is very similar in design to the DC700, however this new 6-string model has several new features such as a reworked 6-string headstock and extra-deep rear body cutout and top arm contour for more ergonomic playing.

Carvin DC600 Left Handed Guitar Lefty

Body : Alder
Neck : Hardrock Maple with Ebony Fingerboard
Scale Length : 25″
Bridge : FT6 Fixed Bridge
Pickups : C22J & C22B Humbuckers

As with all Carvin guitars there are hundreds of available options, so you can build the guitar the way that you want it.  If you’re in the USA or Canada you can even order direct from Carvin themselves to enjoy huge savings.

For more information:
Carvin DC600 (USA & Canada)
Carvin DC600 (Rest of World)

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  1. Lefty Blues
    Lefty Blues says:

    Anyone who owns a Carvin will tell you – you will be a fan for life. They’re a Godsend for us lefties, quality will stand up to any other guitar brand at much lower cost. Made in the good old USA by a family biz – doesn’t get much better than that. If you don’t like your axe send it back within ten days of receiving it.

  2. Lefty Witchkicker
    Lefty Witchkicker says:

    I own a DC727, and have to agree with Lefty Blues: there’s NO WAY I buy another brand. I used to have a Gibson LP Custom, which costs more than the Carvin… It doesn’t even come to the heels in terms of built quality, playability, sound, different finishes,…
    I just can’t believe a Schecter or ESP is three times better since they cost three times more

    There’s a Carvin V3 amp coming towards me as we speak. I’m that much confident.

    Oh, and there will be another guitar in the future. A very nice Carvin!!


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