Carvin JB200C Jason Becker Tribute Guitar

Carvin have recently announced a new guitar in honor of the remarkable Jason Becker.  The JB200C Jason Becker Tribute guitar is already available to order and is of course available left handed.

As with all Carvin guitars this new model is customisable within the Carvin guitar builder, however as this is a tribute model the list of options is greatly reduced. See the Carvin website (link below) to see exactly what options are available.

Carvin JB200C Jason Becker Tribute Guitar

Carvin JB200C Jason Becker Tribute Guitar Left Handed Lefty

The new Carvin JB200C features a neck through construction design, an alder body combined with a flamed maple top, and a hardrock maple neck with flamed maple fingerboard.   The guitar only comes in a sapphire blue finish and is nicely set off with all black hardware.  With an original Floyd Rose tremolo, Sperzel locking tuners and Carvin’s own M22SD and M22V pickups this thing is ready to rock!

For more information:
Carvin JB200C Website

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