Best April Fools Day Guitar

Fender Introduces Ambidextrous Guitar - The Ambicaster

The new Fender American Professional Ambicaster is a brand new ambidextrous guitar for both left AND right handed guitar players.
World Hates Left Handed People

21 Mean Tweets Proving the World HATES Left Handed Guitarists

Do people HATE left handed guitarists? These 21 angry tweets seem to suggest so!
Most Valuable Guitars Ever Sold

Top 30 Most Expensive Guitars EVER!

Updated December 2015! What is the most expensive guitar ever sold? Just how much exactly would someone be willing to pay for a piece of music history?
Evil Guitars For Halloween

13 EVIL Halloween Themed Guitars

With Halloween fast approaching we decided to take a look at some of the most freakishly EVIL guitars around. Here are 13 of the most vile creations we could find, with the last one being the true stuff of nightmares!
Crazy Guitar Designs

17 Completely Bonkers Guitar Designs

Think you've seen it all when it comes to bizarre guitar designs? Well, you haven't! Check out these 17 crazy monstrosities - you won't believe number 15 isn't Photoshopped!
How to Pronounce Guitar Brand Names

21 Guitar Brand Names You're Probably Pronouncing Wrong

Godin, Suhr, Trussart, Lakland - chances are, you're pronouncing them all wrong (amongst others!). Find out how to correctly pronounce these 21 guitar brand names.
Thors Hammer Funny Meme

What Do Lefty Guitarists Have In Common With Thor?

Click here and I'll tell you...

17 Powerful Quotes About Music to Brighten Your Day

Music is a universal language which has the power to change lives for the better. Here are 17 inspirational quotes about music from past to present which show just how important it is.

Exclusive Insider Secrets! How Brands Choose Lefty Guitars

Have you ever wondered how exactly a company decides which guitars to build left handed? Most brands won't make every model available to us, so what's the thought process? After countless years of painstaking research involving many, many leather-bound books I have finally discovered the answers!