Left Handed Guitar Guides

Left Handed Guitar Chord Book

Left Handed Guitar Chords Book

We're excited to launch a brand new product which is undoubtedly the most asked for update here on LeftyFretz. Energize your playing with our new e-book, which will teach you over 300 exciting new left handed chords!
Left Handed Vigier Guitars

Vigier : Left Handed Guitars

Vigier are famed for their innovative necks, and ultra lightweight guitar designs. Take a look at the left handed range from the French innovators.

Gretsch : Left Handed Electric Guitars

Take a look at the considerable range of left handed guitars from Gretsch. There should be something to satisfy everyone here, from the affordable Electromatic series all the way up to the high end Professional range.

PRS 30th Anniversary Left Handed Custom 24s

PRS has just announced a special, limited edition left handed run of their new 30th Anniversary Custom 24! Less than 200 of these will emerge from the Maryland factory, so contact your local PRS dealer swiftly to secure yours.
Dean Left Handed Guitars Thumb

Dean : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Dean offers a great selection of left handed guitars and basses (almost 30!), featuring many exotic shapes, finishes and woods which are generally avoided by most of the other larger brands in their southpaw ranges.
Most Valuable Guitars Ever Sold

Top 24 Most Expensive Guitars EVER!

With Fender having recently unveiled their one-of-a-kind, million dollar ‘Pine Cone’ Stratocaster, I got thinking… What is the most expensive guitar ever sold? Just how much exactly would someone be willing to pay for a piece of music history?
Left Handed D'Angelico Guitars and Basses

D'Angelico : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

D’Angelico Guitars of America has revived the brand for the modern age. John D'Angelico is regarded by many as the greatest archtop guitar maker of all time. Prized for their smooth, mellow tone and excellent sustain, the current models are genuine incarnations of John D’Angelico’s aesthetic and attention to detail.

Waterloo : Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Founded by master luthier Bill Collings and based in Texas, USA, Waterloo Guitars builds handmade, vintage-inspired acoustic guitars. With Waterloo Guitars, Collings' aim was to recreate the character and sound of old depression era guitars in an instrument that would actually play well.
Left Handed Reverend Guitars 2015

Reverend : Left Handed Guitars 2015

We may only get two or three left handed Reverend guitars at a time, but we do get new models each year, which is really nice to see and helps to keep things fresh. This year we've kept the Double Agent from 2014, and gained the beautifully colorful Jetstream 390.