The 2010 Guitar Range for Left Handed Guitar Players

James Trussart Left Handed Guitars

James Trussart : Left Handed Guitars & Basses

James Trussart Custom Guitars is based in Los Angeles, USA and produces easily some of the guitar world's most striking and unique instruments. The guitars are created with the aesthetics and feel of a vintage guitar, and the metal construction results in an instrument which is as unique in tone as it is in appearance.

Martin : Left Handed Guitars

As a lefty, it's rare when you can browse a manufacturer's full catalogue and take your pick. Martin make every single one of their guitars left handed at no additional charge!
Ruokangas Lefty Guitars

Ruokangas : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Ruokangas Guitars are a Finland based guitar company who specialise in super high-end, completely handbuilt guitars. This small team of highly skilled luthiers produce roughly 120 guitars per year, which are of the absolute highest quality both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics.
Left Handed Prestige Guitars

Prestige : Left Handed Guitars

Prestige Guitars are a relatively new company, having only been launched back in 2003. They are based in Vancouver, Canada and produce some absolutely fantastic looking, hand-crafted left handed electric and acoustic guitars.
Lefty Suhr Guitars

Suhr : Left Handed Guitars

Suhr Guitars was founded by John Suhr and Steve Smith in 1997, and is based in California, USA. They produce a range of guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects units and even their own line of pickups. Check out their range of left handed guitars.
Left Handed Vigier Guitars

Vigier : Left Handed Guitars

Vigier are famed for their innovative necks, and ultra lightweight guitar designs. Take a look at the left handed range from the French innovators.

Gretsch : Left Handed Electric Guitars

Take a look at the considerable range of left handed guitars from Gretsch. There should be something to satisfy everyone here, from the affordable Electromatic series all the way up to the high end Professional range.

PRS 30th Anniversary Left Handed Custom 24s

PRS has just announced a special, limited edition left handed run of their new 30th Anniversary Custom 24! Less than 200 of these will emerge from the Maryland factory, so contact your local PRS dealer swiftly to secure yours.
Dean Left Handed Guitars Thumb

Dean : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Dean offers a great selection of left handed guitars and basses (almost 30!), featuring many exotic shapes, finishes and woods which are generally avoided by most of the other larger brands in their southpaw ranges.