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Best April Fools Day Guitar

Fender Introduces Ambidextrous Guitar - The Ambicaster

The new Fender American Professional Ambicaster is a brand new ambidextrous guitar for both left AND right handed guitar players.
Left Handed Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha : Left Handed Guitars

Yamaha guitars are well known for their consistent high quality and sheer value for money, and these three are certainly no exception. Check out the current range of left handed Yamaha guitars.
Lefty Fenders 2017 Thumb

Fender : Left Handed Guitars & Basses 2017

Check out our massive guide to find out which left handed Fender guitars and basses are available for 2017. New for this year is the American Professional Series and a revamped Classic Design range!
Epiphone Left Handed Guitars

Epiphone : Left Handed Guitars

Check out the current 2017 range of Epiphone left handed guitars and experience the iconic Gibson Les Paul and SG at a fraction of the price.
Godin Left Handed Guitars

Godin : Left Handed Guitars

Godin Guitars is based in Canada, and offers up some truly innovative guitars which combine traditional design with state-of-the-art features and manufacturing techniques. Godin has slowly been improving their southpaw range, and at present has 6 guitars available, most of which occupy a niche which isn't readily available elsewhere.

Newbie Series : The Ultimate Guide For New Guitarists

So you want to learn to play guitar or bass but are unsure of where to start? This eight-part guide will clue you in on everything you need to know when starting out with your new hobby. Includes beginner gear recommendations!

Newbie Series Part 2 : Lefty Beginner Electric Guitars

Find out what to look for when buying your first electric guitar. As well as general buying advice, I also provide a list of quality left handed electric guitars for beginners that won't break the bank.

Newbie Series Part 3 : Left Handed Beginner Acoustic Guitars

Find out what to look for when buying your first acoustic guitar. A list of quality left handed acoustic guitars for beginners that won't break the bank.