Left Handed Guitar Guides


Carvin : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Carvin Guitars really have it all - a great selection of stunning guitars, almost everything available left handed, and superb customer service. Check out their range of left handed guitars and basses!

Lefty Guitars For Kids - 3/4 Sized Models

Looking for a 3/4 sized left handed guitar for your child to begin learning with? This guide is for you! You'll find excellent examples of left handed acoustic, bass, classical and electric guitars which are ideal for younger players.

Prestige : Left Handed Guitars

Prestige Guitars are a relatively new company, having only been launched back in 2003. They are based in Vancouver, Canada and produce some absolutely fantastic looking hand-crafted left handed electric guitars.

GNG : Left Handed Guitars

GNG Guitars is based in Italy and specialises in building high-end electric guitars. GNG markets their guitars as being for those guitarists who truly appreciate the minute and precious details.

Taylor : Left Handed Guitars

Taylor Guitars is a USA guitar brand established in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. Although Taylor are mainly known for their highly regarded steel-string acoustic guitars, they have also of late been producing some stunning semi-hollow and solid body electric guitars.