Left Handed Guitar Guides


Dean : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Dean offers a great selection of left handed guitars and basses (almost 30!), featuring many exotic shapes, finishes and woods which are generally avoided by most of the other larger brands in their southpaw ranges.

Reverend : Left Handed Guitars 2014

Reverend Guitars is an American guitar company, founded in 1996 by guitar and amp technician Joe Naylor. Although the number of left handed guitars on offer is small, we are always pleased to see fresh lefty models each year!
Schecter Left Handed Guitars

Schecter : Left Handed Guitars

Schecter has long been known as one of the most lefty friendly mainstream guitar companies around, and this year is not going to see that image change. Check out their huge range of left handed guitars and basses!

PRS : Left Handed Guitars 2014

Over the past few years PRS has taken to producing small numbers of limited run left handed guitars, and 2014 is no different. This year the Maryland crew has seen fit to release a special run of left handed Custom 22s and Custom 24s which you may already be able to find in stores.

Squier : Left Handed Guitars 2014

The Squier brand is owned by Fender and gives players with a smaller budget the chance to own more affordable versions of Fender guitars and basses. Check out the range of left handed Squier guitars and basses!