Articles About Being A Left Handed Guitar Player Or A Lefty In General

The Mirror Effect and Learning Guitar Left Handed

Do Lefty Players Make the Best Guitar Teachers?

Due to the mirror effect, I've always found it easier learning from a right handed teacher. I’ve often wondered if the opposite is true in that right handed players would find it easier learning from a lefty teacher? I see no reason why not...
International Left Handed Day

Happy National Left Handed Day 2015

Happy International Lefthanders Day! Every year on August 13th we southpaws get our very own designated day to celebrate being left handed. This annual event is also meant to help raise awareness of the troubles that left handed people experience with living in a right-hand centric world.

Famous Left Handed Guitar Players

Can you name five famous left handed guitarists? I'll bet you can - but I'll also bet that after five or so you would start to struggle! To help out, here's a list of some of the best known left handed guitar players both past and present.

Myth Busted! Learning Left Handed Guitar Is Harder?

There seems to be a lot of false information floating around the internet in regards to learning to play left handed guitar. This article will hopefully serve to clear up some of these misconceptions which unfortunately seem to be fairly widespread.