Guitar Lessons

Left Handed Bass Guitar Notes

Left Handed Bass Fretboard Notes Diagram

Quickly learn the notes on your lefty bass guitar with our handy left handed bass guitar fretboard diagram.
Left Handed Guitar Note Diagram

Left Handed Guitar Fretboard Notes Diagram

Learning the notes on the fretboard is an important part of mastering guitar and will help unlock and take your playing to the next level! Use our left handed guitar fretboard diagram to easily learn the notes on your guitar.

How To String & Tune a Left Handed Guitar

Back to basics for the new year! Find out how to correctly string and tune your left handed guitar or bass.
Beginner Left Handed Guitar Chords

Interactive Left Handed Guitar Chord Diagrams

Check out our interactive left handed chord chart for beginners, which will teach you a few of the most commonly used open a lefty friendly format!
Left Handed Guitar Chord Book

Left Handed Guitar Chords Book

We're excited to launch a brand new product which is undoubtedly the most asked for update here on LeftyFretz. Energize your playing with our new e-book, which will teach you over 300 exciting new left handed chords!
Left Handed Guitar Major Scale

The Major Scale - Left Handed Diagrams

The Major Scale is one of the most commonly used scales in western music. We know that some of you do struggle with regular lessons which are aimed at right handed players, so we've put together a lesson which shows the major scale for left handed guitar players.

The Minor Pentatonic Scale - Left Handed Diagrams

Learn the minor pentatonic scale with our left handed scale diagrams and tabs.

Left Handed Powerchord Chart For Guitarists

For those about to rock! Quickly learn how to play powerchords on your guitar with our free left handed chord chart - it's easy!

Tom’s Lick of the Week : Lesson 31

Tom's 'Lick of the Week' Lesson 31. Tom Richardson teaches you one of his red-hot guitar licks every other Wednesday at Lick 31 shows how to add colour and variation to a minor pentatonic scale by adding just one extra note!