Left Handed Guitar News

Left Handed Rig Rundown Videos

Rig Rundown Left Handed Upside Down Edition

Premier Guitar recently recorded some fantastic rig rundowns with three really special artists. Why special? They all play left handed with the strings reversed!
Lefty Ibanez RG652AHML Prestige Blonde

New Left Handed Ibanez RG652AHML-AWB Prestige

The left handed Ibanez RG652AHML Prestige in Antique White Blonde will be available from Japan's Taniguchi Gakki. Fingers crossed for a worldwide release!

Left For Dead - New UK Based Lefty Guitar Store

Left For Dead is a new UK-based guitar store, specialising in left handed guitars. Find out more!

Left Handed Ibanez J-Customs and Prestiges at XLG

Our friends at Xtreme Lefty Guitars have some awesome limited edition lefty Ibanez guitars on the way this year. Find out more!
Fender Lefty CD Acoustic Guitars

4 New Left Handed Fender Classic Design Acoustic Guitars

Fender has announced four brand new, affordable left handed Classic Design acoustics. Click here to find out more!
Rosewood Endangered Species

New CITES Regulations for Rosewood Guitars

Did you know that rosewood is now a protected species? Find out how new CITES regulations on rosewood guitars will potentially affect you.
Jackson Pro Series Left Handed Guitars

NAMM 2017 : New Jackson Pro Series Lefties

Jackson has announced 2 brand new left handed Pro Series models at NAMM 2017. Check out the Jackson Pro DK2 Dinky and Pro SC Monarkh here!

Pre-Order Now! Wylde Audio Odin Grail Lefty

Back when Zakk Wylde was first teasing his new guitar brand it was promised that lefties would be available. And now it's finally happening with the new Odin Grail. Pre-Order available now!
Taylor GS Mini Bass Left Handed

NEW! Left Handed Taylor GS Mini Bass | NAMM 2017

7 years after unveiling the award winning GS Mini, Taylor are now introducing a bass guitar version - the GS Mini-e Bass! And as is always the case with Taylor, this new guitar is available left handed at no additional charge.