Left Handed Guitar News

Ibanez RG655L-CBM Prestige Left Handed Guitar

Ibanez RG655L-CBM Prestige Left Handed Guitar

Way back in June of last year, Ibanez hinted on their Facebook page of a new left handed Prestige series guitar. And now, it finally looks as if this model will be coming our way! Find out more about the new RG655L-CBM here.
2016 Jackson Left Handed Guitars

New Jackson Left Handed Guitars - NAMM 2016

Jackson will be releasing two new left handed guitars at winter NAMM 2016. Get a sneak peek at the Soloist SLX and Rhoads RRXT here.
Gretsch G2622LH Thumb

Gretsch G2622LH Streamliner - NAMM 2016

More news from NAMM 2016 today, this time from the mighty Gretsch! Get a sneak peek at the new Gretsch G2622LH Streamliner by clicking here.
Lefty Fender American Elite Thumb

Left Handed Fender American Elite Stratocaster - NAMM 2016

News from winter NAMM 2016! Fender will shortly be announcing their new American Elite series, two of which will be available left handed. Get a sneak peek before the big unveiling at NAMM!
The Original Left Handed Telecaster

Is This The First EVER Left Handed Fender Telecaster?

Could this guitar be the first ever left handed Fender Telecaster to be made? How much do you think this piece of history is worth? Check out the video to find out!
Cyber Monday Guitar Deals For Left Handed Guitarists

Cyber Monday Guitar Deals for Lefties

Save 20% off OVER SIXTY left handed guitars and basses in this brand new Cyber Monday sale - don't miss out!!
Black Friday Deals For Left Handed Guitar Players

Black Friday Deals For Left Handed Guitarists 2015

Latest Update Nov 26th. Looking for the best Black Friday deals on guitars and other equipment? This is the page for you!
Strandberg Boden OS Lefty Thumb

Strandberg Boden OS First Left Handed Run

Strandberg is trying to put together the first left handed run of their new production Boden OS guitars. And we get to choose what they make!
Ola Englund Left Handed Washburn Guitar Demo

The Best Left Handed Guitar Demo Ever?

Alright, maybe not the BEST left handed guitar demo video. It's most likely the funniest one you'll see this year though...