Left Handed Guitar News


Epiphone Tony Iommi SG Custom Limited Edition

Epiphone has been dropping hints about this guitar for a while now on their various social media channels. The guitar has now finally been unveiled at MusikMesse this month as the new Tony Iommi SG Custom!

Carvin Opens Up International Orders

As of April 1st, Carvin has once again opened up their site to international customers. Being that they are one of the most lefty friendly companies around, this is very exciting news!
Left Handed Ormsby GTR Series Guitars

New GTR Production Series From Ormsby Guitars

Australia based Ormsby Guitars have always focused on solely building world-class custom guitars – until now! After 18 months of polishing and refining, the company has just entered brand new territory after unveiling their very first production range of guitars.
Limited Edition Left Handed ESP Schecter Guitars

EXCLUSIVE Special Run Lefty Guitars at XLG

Our good friends over at Xtreme Lefty Guitars have a ton of exclusive, special run left handed guitars on the way that you WILL NOT find anywhere else! Take a look through the list and see if anything tickles your fancy!

Gaskell Launches Entry Level Brand - Zac Guitars

I've just received great news! Gaskell has today launched a brand spanking new entry level brand which is bringing back the more affordable production model Explorer guitars we've all grown to know and love! May I introduce ZAC GUITARS.

New ESP Ltd Guitars for 2015

ESP have been generally fairly southpaw friendly as of late. Just check the left handed guitar section on their website and you're almost guaranteed to find something that will satisfy your needs. They recently announced a few new models at winter NAMM 2015 and included a couple of new lefties in the roster.
New From Schecter for 2015

Winter NAMM 2015 New Schecter Guitars

Finally some southpaw excitement from the imminent NAMM 2015 exhibition! We can always rely on good old Schecter to hook us lefties up with some sweet new gear, and this year will be no different.

New 2015 Ibanez RG421EXL

Ibanez are well known for being very keen on affordable, gloss black models when it comes to southpaw guitars. But you'll be glad to hear that the new RG421EXL deviates wildly from this design plan in that is has a flat black finish rather than gloss!