Left Handed Guitar News

7 Awesome Christmas Guitar Albums To Save Your Sanity

Every Xmas we get the same 10 damn festive pop songs on repeat. So to save your sanity, I've put together a list of 7 of the best Christmas guitar albums that you can enjoy, AND pick up a few tasty licks at the same time!
Fender Left Handed American Pro Series Guitars

New Left Handed Fender American Pro Series Announced

Fender has announced the American Pro Series, a brand new range of guitars designed to replace the American Standard Series. Find out more!

Early 2017 Gibson USA Lefties Now Available?

Want to get your hands on a 2017 left handed Gibson USA, much earlier than anyone else?

Black Friday Deals For Guitarists 2016

Looking for the best Black Friday deals on guitars and other equipment? This is the post for you!
Skervesen Thumb

Wicked Guitars Announce Special Lefty Skervesen Run

Exciting news for Skervesen fans! Our friends over at Wicked Guitars are putting together a special left handed run of Skervesens!

Mega Deal : Almost Half Price ESP EC-1000 Lefties!

Why wait til Black Friday to pick up a killer bargain? Save 45% off an ESP Ltd EC-1000 while stocks last!
1962 Left Handed Fender Stratocaster

What's It Worth? 1962 Lefty Fender Stratocaster

How much would you pay for an original 1962 left handed Fender Strat in near perfect condition?
Ibanez RG652AHML-NGB Prestige Left Handed Guitar

Left Handed Ibanez RG652AHML-NGB Prestige Limited Edition

Find out more about the upcoming limited edition Ibanez RG652AHML-NGB left handed Prestige, expected around December.

NEW Ibanez RGDIX6MPBL-SBB Iron Label Limited

Ibanez has announced a brand new left handed spot production guitar! Find out more about the gorgeous RGDIX6MPBL-SBB Iron Label Limited Edition.