Left Handed Guitar Learning Resources


21 Important Insider Articles for New Lefty Guitarists

Are you a new left handed guitar player? Or perhaps you’re still pondering over taking up the instrument and need a little nudge in the right direction? We’ve had a rifle through our archives to bring you this list of 21 useful articles for new players.

Left Handed Guitar Store Directory

A list of all of the guitar stores from around the world who specialise in left handed instruments, as well as a few honorable mentions for regular stores who offer a better than average selection of lefty guitars.

Useful Internet Resources For Guitar Players

The internet is jam-packed full of free resources for musicians, but which of them are actually any good? Check out our Guitarists Toolbox for some great internet treasures! A list of some of the best FREE online resources for musicians! Free tuners, backing tracks, metronomes, recording tools and more!