101 Christmas Gift Ideas For Guitarists

Christmas is edging closer, so it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts to get for friends and family. The good news is that you’ve just stumbled across the most in-depth list of Christmas gifts for guitar players on the interwebs. I’ve done the hard part, so that you don’t have to!

If you’re looking for gifts for brand new guitar and bass players, definitely check out my Newbie Guide for the best beginner gear recommendations.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Christmas Gifts For Guitar Players

To make this mammoth list of killer gifts a little easier to digest I’ve split it up into 20 different sections, complete with links to actually buy the products. If you can’t find the perfect guitar related gift within this page, I’ll eat my hat… seriously.

Guitar Accessory Gifts
Gadgets and gizmos for guitarists.  Many of these are absolutely essential!

  • Ebow Electronic Bow – link
  • G7th Capo – link
  • Gripmaster Finger Strength Trainer – link
  • GruvGear FretWraps String Muters – link
  • Guitar Strap – link
  • O-Port Acoustic Guitar Sound Enhancer – link
  • Pick Holder – link
  • Planet Waves Pro Winder String Winder and Cutter – link
  • Slide – link
  • Spider Capo – link

Guitar Amp Gift Ideas
Crank up the volume! Check out our Newbie Guide for higher wattage alternatives.

Guitar Book Gifts
Who doesn’t love a good book? Here are some of my personal favorites.

  • Guitar Tone: Pursuing the Ultimate Guitar Sound – link
  • Guitar Fretboard Workbook – link
  • How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great – link
  • The Guitar Player Repair Guide – link
  • Zen Guitar – link

Guitar Cables Gifts
A good, well-made cable will last for years and will produce a better quality of sound.

  • Fender Performance Guitar Cable – link
  • Hosa Cable GTR Guitar Cable – link
  • Line6 Relay G10 Wireless System – link
  • Planet Waves Classic Series Patch Cables – link

Guitar Gigbag Gift Ideas
A quality gigbag will ensure that you get from A to B safely. For the ultimate tech, be sure to check out Mono.

Guitar Maintenance Gifts
Keep those guitars in tip-top condition. Grab some lube to cut down on string breakages!

  • Big Bends Nutsauce Guitar Lubricant – link
  • CruzTools Multi-Tool – link
  • Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit – link
  • Fast Fret String Lubricant – link
  • Humidification System for Acoustic – link

Headphones Gift Ideas
For those late night practice jams or recording sessions. Don’t wake the neighbors! There are literally hundreds of great choices out there, but here are three customer favorites.

  • Sennheiser CX300 II Earbuds – link
  • Sony MDR7506 Pro Headphones – link
  • Shure SE215 In-Ears – link

Guitar Headstock Tuner Gift Ideas
Inexpensive, and incredibly useful. Free up a spot on your pedalboard. Everybody needs one of these!

  • Snark Clip on Tuner – link
  • D’Addario NS Micro Clip on Tuner – link
  • TC Electronic Polytune Clip – link

Guitar Home Decor Gifts
Deck out your house with some music themed accessories. A guitar calendar is a safe bet!

  • Bar Stools – Fender or Gibson
  • Fender Bookends – link
  • Fender Custom Shop 2018 Calendar – link
  • Guitar Nightlight – link
  • Guitar Pillows – link
  • Guitar Rug – link
  • Fender Wall Clock – link
  • Guitar Toilet Seat Tattoo – link
  • Guitar Toilet Flush Handle – link
  • Jack Rack Amplifier Key Holder – link

Kitchen Gifts for Guitarists
There is a surprising number of novelty guitar themed products for your kitchen!

  • Amplifier Coffee Mug – link
  • BBQ Guitar Spatula – link
  • Fender Chopping Board – Strat or Tele
  • Fridge Magnets – link
  • Guitar Cheese Board – link
  • Guitar Ice Cube Tray – link
  • Guitar Shaped Skillet – link
  • Bottle Opener – link
  • Guitar Wooden Spoons – link
  • Marshall Amplifier Fridge – link

Guitar Magazine Subscription
Buy a year of magazines for the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Guitar World – link
  • Guitar Player – link

Novelty Guitar Gift Ideas
Just for fun! These are sure to put a smile on your secret Santa’s face.

  • Car License Plate Frame – link
  • Musician Cufflinks – link
  • Fretboard Neck Tie – link
  • Guitar Necklace – link
  • Guitarist Office Pen Holder – link
  • Guitar Socks – link
  • House Keys – link
  • Stratocaster Sunglasses – link
  • Musical Note Earrings – link

Guitar Pick Gift Ideas
Us guitarists are ALWAYS losing picks. Seriously, they seem to vanish into a black hole as soon as they hit the floor.

  • Planet Waves Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks – link
  • Fender Premium Picks Sample Pack – link
  • Dunlop Pick Variety Pack – link
  • Pick Punch (make your own picks!) – link
  • TimberTones Exotic Wood Picks – link

Recording Gift Ideas
All you need to get started on that next hit album!

  • Focusrite Scarlett Studio Complete Recording Package – link
  • Line 6 Sonic Port Interface – link
  • IK Multimedia iRig 2 Mobile Interface – link
  • Microphone Boom Stand – link
  • Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone – link

Guitar Software Gift Ideas
Mmmm…digital goodness. Edit your next YouTube video or tab out song ideas.

  • Guitar Pro 6 Tablature Editor – link
  • EarMaster 6 – link

Best Guitar Stands and Hangers
Don’t be that guy who props their guitar up against a wall. Make sure you have a safe spot to store your instruments when not in use.

  • Closet Guitar Hanger – link
  • OnStage Tubular Stand – link
  • Hercules Auto-Grip – link
  • Planet Waves Guitar Rest – link
  • Hercules 5 Guitar Rack – link
  • String Swing Wall Hanger – link

Guitarist Earplugs
From 2000 to 2015 the number of people with hearing loss has increased by 44% worldwide! Don’t become a part of this statistic – band practice and concerts are WAY too loud. Save your hearing with a pair of inexpensive earplugs.

  • DUBS Earplugs – link
  • Vibes Earplugs – link

Video Games for Guitarists
Chill out between practice sessions with a music based game, or even improve your guitar playing in a fun and interactive way with a copy of Rocksmith!

  • Rocksmith – link
  • Guitar Hero Live – link
  • Rock Band 4 – link

So there you have it folks – the useful, the novelty, and the downright ridiculous Christmas gifts for guitar players. Choose wisely and have a great Christmas! Oh, and if for some insane reason you still haven’t found the ideal gift…there’s a few more ideas here.

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