A Guitar Is Born – Custom Lefty Mensinger Guitar Build Part2

As many of you are probably aware, the guys over at Mensinger Guitars in Poland are currently building me my very own left handed Arcadia model.  The luthiers have very kindly agreed to take some photos of the guitar as it is being built, and I thought it would make an interesting series of articles to show the process as the guitar progresses from the initial stages all the way through to completion.

If you somehow managed to miss part one of this series I suggest you head back and get yourself up to speed, but don’t worry – you haven’t missed much so far.

Update Number 2

So what have I got for you lovely people this week?  An absolute ton of new images, that’s what!  The guys at Mensinger have completely spoiled us this week with 25 more photos detailing the process of building my Arcadia.  Take a look below…

[nggallery id=17]

In this new batch of photos we can see the body being cut out, cavities being routed, cavity cover plates being cut, body contours being shaped and the binding being applied.  These slabs of wood have suddenly started to look like a guitar!

As you can see, the guitar is now progressing along nicely.  According to the data from the image files, the first and last photos were taken only one day apart – to me, that is amazing.  The next update should be very interesting indeed!  Stay tuned… 🙂

If you are interested, higher resolution photos can always be found on our Flickr Page

For more information:
Mensinger Guitars Website
Public Peace Website

6 replies
  1. Akshay
    Akshay says:

    Quite an instructional series of photos! 😀 I've always wondered how they… attach (if the word's correct) a top made out of a different wood? Totally ignorant about this. So I'll look out for Part 3! 🙂

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      Plane both bits flat, glue together, clamp – boom! Easier said than done I think :p

      I'm pretty excited to get the next batch of photos, presumably the next step might involve some painting – we'll soon see. I expected them to send me maybe 5 or 6 photos over the entire process so to get this many is fantastic 😀

  2. Ian666
    Ian666 says:

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to the ins and outs of building a guitar so i'm really enjoying reading about this stuff. It looks to me like you would need some insane talent to be able to do all this by hand like these guys are doing. If I were doing this kind of stuff I'd constantly be cacking my pants that something would slip and I'd screw the whole thing up ^_^

    I'll be watching out for the next part with great interest – you've got me thinking about a Mensinger now haha!

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      Thanks for the comment Ian, glad you are enjoying watching the progress. It definitely seems like one small mistake could incur a big setback doesn't it. But no doubt these guys are so experienced that they don't make mistakes 😉


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