ESO Strap Launches Left Handed Guitar Strap

Believe it or not, this is now a thing! We’ve got lefty guitar picks, so why not a left handed guitar strap? I was recently contacted by ESO Strap, who have come up with a unique and innovative guitar strap design – and it comes in both right and left handed versions!

The main departure from your traditional guitar strap is that the ESO Strap features a clever curved design which aims to avoid pressure points, resulting in a super comfortable wearing experience. This unique contoured design is why left and right handed versions are necessary.

ESO Strap Left Handed Guitar Strap

Aside from its curved shape, the ESO Strap also comprises a number of other innovative features such as a built in pick holder, and smooth-stop adjusters for super easy length alteration. Read more about the strap’s features and watch an in-depth video below to discover all of the features of this inventive new product.

ESO Strap Left Handed Guitar Straps

The newly released ESO Strap was designed to provide optimal weight distribution by avoiding the artist’s most undesirable pressure points, while accomplishing a truly unique and timeless aesthetic. This combined with its fluid motion pick pockets, which enable seamless replacement; bypassing any interruption to the music, make it truly one of a kind.

The ESO Strap is offered in both a left or right-handed version, acting as an expression of pure continuity between artist and creation.

  • Patent Pending – Contoured “S” shape avoids pressure points and never cuts into your neck.
  • Patent Pending – In-seam pick pockets enable you to seamlessly replace or store your collection.
  • Two smooth stop polymer adjustors to achieve the perfect length.
  • High density foam core for optimal comfort and minimal aesthetic.
  • Interior heavyweight backing designed for long term strength and flexibility.
  • Reinforced stitching on all critical points throughout strap.
  • 1 oz urethane DWR moisture coating to keep perspiration out.
  • Hand crafted Brazilian leather end pieces.

For more information:
ESO Strap Website

6 replies
      • David Kong
        David Kong says:

        Just came in the mail today. Exactly as advertised. The contoured strap really does make a difference in comfort. I’m very pleased with it and would highly recommend it. They also included a free pick which yes, fits perfectly in the pick pocket.

        Hopefully in the future more color choices will be offered. Even better, perhaps a bass guitar version as a heavy bass really cuts into the shoulder.

  1. Mark G
    Mark G says:

    Sadly, this guitar strap is something I cannot purchase. It is not vegan and I don’t do leather. I actually have forwarded this article to Couch Guitar Straps, who makes crazy, awesome guitar straps from repurposed, vegan naughahyde and real seat belts to see if they can come up with something even more unique like this company.

    • C. Lewington
      C. Lewington says:

      I ordered one of these and love it. However, would not get your hopes on Couch as ESO claims their design features are patented from all angles. At least the shape and pick pocket from what their website says. Hope they do well. Great product.


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