Fender 2013 Left Handed American Standard Guitars & Basses

Fender have recently announced their 2013 collection of left handed American Standard Series guitars and basses.  They are all now available to view on the Fender website, but here is a quick sum-up for your viewing pleasure.

Fender 2013 American Standard Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Some extra colors are still available from last year’s collection, however the only real change for 2013 is the addition of two colours to the range – Mystic Red and Mystic Blue.  Check out the Fender website (links below) for the full range of colors, but here are the ‘new’ flavors…

Fender 2013 American Standard Left Handed Guitar Bass

From left to right : American Standard Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Telecaster and Stratocaster

If you cup your ear and listen very carefully, you might just be able to hear the collective yawn of sheer boredom from southpaw guitarists around the world! 😉 Or is it just me that fails to get excited about the same guitars year in year out in a slightly different hue?

For more information:
Fender American Standard Left Handed Jazz Bass
Fender American Standard Left Handed Precision Bass
Fender American Standard Left Handed Telecaster
Fender American Standard Left Handed Stratocaster

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  1. Long Grass
    Long Grass says:

    Getting VERY demoralised and dis-chuffed here !

    What exactly is Fender’s aversion to making the offsets available with L/H options ?

    Yes I know I could fork out the thick end of £1k for a relic Kurt Cobain Jaguar, or a the Humbucker Mustangs and yes indeed, I’m a big fan of KC, but I’ve never been into specific artist signature models.

    …and yet even allowing for the KC models, that still doesn’t tick the Jazzmaster box !!

    I kid you not, I’ve been looking at Fender’s site for what must be 8 years or so. Not a single L/H Jazzmaster ( I’m not buying online from Japan )… and, only very recently.. the costly KC tributes in Jaguar and Mustang form.

    Would dearly love to see Squier extend the Classic Vibe range into the offsets. Even a single option for us Lefties in Jazz/Jag/Mustang would be most welcome… and surely economically viable.

    Fender providing the next step up by giving us a L/H option for the Classic Player Jags and Jazzies would be most welcome.

    The pent-up demand for these must be considerable.

    Come on Fender / Squier …sort it out please !!

    • mcarp555
      mcarp555 says:

      You need to write directly to Fender and make your frustration known. Otherwise they have no way to judge the level of dissatisfaction they (and many other guitar makers) engender in the left-handed community. Maybe they can dismiss one or two letters (and obviously do); but the more of us that communicate to them, the better chance we have of making a change. You can ignore a trickle, but not a flood.

      • Long Grass
        Long Grass says:

        I’ve rung them several times.

        Not at all impressed with Customer Services (UK). Received a rather glib reply from some bloke who really wasn’t that bothered.
        Bizarre, but I had to point out to him that I want to give Fender my money.. yes I really want to !

        But to do it I need them to produce the product I’m after. Am I asking them to shell out huge R&D costs ? …would production be a huge problem ? I would guess that the answer to both these questions is NO.

        Now I’m not stupid. I know they won’t sell as much as the R/H versions.. but I’d guess that any L/H Jazzmaster would have more legs than (say) the latest Pawn Shop Supersonic. Do you reckon they’ll still be flogging that in 10 years time ?

        To not produce a L/H Jazzmaster for what, nearly a decade (?) is ludicrous. It might be even longer.

        Anyway, I mentioned to the bloke at Fender Customer Services, that I did have an alternative to the complete lack of Jazzmasters options available to me.. it’s not perfect, but none the less I’ve warmed to the idea !! – What is it ? ..a Strat ? ..a Tele ?
        …no, it’s a Gibson SG !

        He couldn’t of cared less.

        • mcarp555
          mcarp555 says:

          All their whining is just so much B.S. I’ve complained to several manufacturers about the paucity of LH guitars, and none of their so-called ‘explanations’ hold water. The simple truth is that some of the beancounters either don’t want to invest for 10% of their market, or don’t care about left-handers in general (“Why can’t they just learn to play right-handed?”). The majority of the rest of them just believe that it’s too expensive, difficult, etc., without bothering to look into it for themselves.

          Writing and complaining, along with supporting more enlightened companies (say ‘Gaskell’ with me) is our most powerful weapon for changing mindsets.

  2. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Honestly, been there/ done that with the complaints. They don’t care. Whatever, they don’t need my business! I just bought a Music Man, and although they don’t make everything in a lefty, they offer a good assortment. I’d say it’s probably a superior instrument anyways to what Gibson and Fender are offering. IMO you’d need to be in Custom Shop price range to get something better. So, to anyone considering a Strat, I say don’t be afraid to cross shop a Silhouette!

  3. Justin
    Justin says:

    I wonder who picks these colors….I might be game for a P bass in Olympic White, Sonic Blue, or a natural finish. Crayon Red and Playground blue? pass….

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