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Flatline Guitars was founded by owner Rick Lockhart with the aim of building guitars that look like they were retrieved from the window display of a guitar store in a bygone era.  Each guitar is handmade and setup at the Flatline Guitars workshop in Washington, USA.

Flatline will make any of their guitars in a left handed version at no extra charge.  A lefty model will need to be assembled from scratch and the build time should run you roughly 6-8 weeks.  I’ve been really impressed with this company – beautiful guitars coupled with a lefty friendly attitude, and I’ve got to say, a fantastic price for a handbuilt USA guitar!

Let’s take a look at the left handed guitars available from this USA brand…

Flatline Delta T Left Handed Guitar

A players best friend. This guitar sings with vintage tone from the rich and warm sounding neck pickup and a very hot bridge pickup that provides tone somewhere in between a twangy single coil and a ballsy P-90. It features a simple control group with a three way toggle switch, master volume and tone. This simplified electronic setup allows the true tone of the guitar and pickups to shine through and it loves to naturally overdrive tube amps.

Flatline Delta T Left Handed Guitar Lefty

Flatline Delta 90 Lefty Guitar

The blues hound. This is the guitar version of whiskey on the rocks. The Delta 90 has a high output neck pickup that provides amazing rhythm tone and remains crisp and full when individual notes are picked. The bridge pickup is a vintage wound soapbar P-90 that pushes your old tube amp to its limits. This guitar is gritty and nasty when you want it to be but also has very rich tone when run clean with a splash of reverb.

Flatline Delta 90 Left Handed Guitar Lefty

  • Modern C-shaped maple neck with satin finish
  • Kluson tuning machines
  • String through body
  • Hipshot bridge or Bigsby
  • Overwound neck pickup, higher output maintaining warm tone
  • Soapbar P-90 bridge pickup, very hot
  • One volume and one tone control
  • 3-way toggle switch
  • Colors : Caddy Red, Vintage Butterscotch, Two-tone Sunburst
  • Optional Bigsby Tremolo (add $150)

Flatline Biscayne Left Handed Guitar

The Flatline Biscayne is a big, high horsepowered dose of rock and roll muscle. Optioned with the Lollar P-90 it boasts a range of tones that can wail the blues and overdrive the soul of modern rock at the same time. Pick up a Biscayne with Lollar Imperial Humbuckers and you are transformed into a one-man (or woman) rock and roll wrecking ball. The highs sing, the lows growl, and the mids push through the mix to let everyone know you are in the room and that you are the mofo in charge.

Flatline Biscayne Left Handed Guitar Lefty

  • Modern C-shaped mahogany or maple neck with satin finish
  • Two-piece alder body
  • Rosewood or maple fretboard
  • Kluson tuning machines
  • Bigsby tremolo or Hipshot Baby Grand bridge
  • Lollar pickups: P-90’s or Imperial Humbucker’s
  • One volume and one tone control
  • Flatline Glide Switch pickup selector
  • Colors : Vintage Ivory, Two-tone Sunburst, Caddy Red,Black
  • Optional Bigsby Tremolo (add $150)

Flatline Vistaglide Standard Lefty Guitar

A true original. This guitar sounds like no other. The dual P-90 pickups matched with a string through body hardtail bridge provide great sustain and incredibly warm tone. It has the tonal quality of a vintage archtop for those clean riffs and rhythms. Don’t be fooled by its mild mannered appearance, this guitar has some serious balls for nasty blues and rock.

Flatline Vistaglide S Left Handed Guitar Lefty

Flatline Vistaglide Custom Left Handed Guitar

The Flatline Vistaglide Custom mixes elements of Flatline’s popular Vistaglide Standard and the newly released Biscayne, resulting in a beautiful guitar with rich tone that is absolute perfection to play. The mahogany body and neck add a warmth to the guitar that sets it apart from others in our lineup and makes it perfect for jazz, blues, and classic rock. This is a well refined instrument that was designed to accent the nuances found in the playing of experienced guitarists.

Flatline Vistaglide Custom Left Handed Guitar Lefty

  • Modern C-shaped mahogany neck with satin finish
  • Two-piece mahogany body
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Kluson tuning machines
  • Hipshot bridge
  • Lollar pickups: P-90’s or Imperial Humbucker’s
  • One volume and one tone control
  • Flatline Glide Switch pickup selector
  • Colors : Vintage IvoryTwo-tone Sunburst, Black, Cherry Sunburst

Flatline Guitars Website

The Flatline Guitars website is beautifully done, and I love the vintage Americana style vibe the company portrays.  Unfortunately there is no mention of left handed guitars anywhere on the site, and as a result I had to contact the company to find out any information.  Although the images of the guitars are fantastically shot, it would be nice to see one large image showing each guitar in full.

For more information:
Flatline Guitars Website

8 replies
  1. BigAl
    BigAl says:

    Trouble is…these guys are a *very low volume* manufacturer. Contact them and they will tell you that they produce only a couple (as in “1” or “2”) lefties for these models a year.

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      The number they make per year is kind of irrelevant to be honest. At the end of the day, if you want a left handed Flatline you can have one in 6-8 weeks :)

      • BigAl
        BigAl says:

        You’re right! I emailed Rick (the owner) and he confirmed that they make each model for lefties at no additional charge. Very cool! Their dealer distribution is pretty much nil at this stage, so emailing the company is probably the best way to put things in motion for a purchase.

        Their website is cool but basic product information (e.g. scale length, neck radius, etc.) is sorely lacking.


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