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Postby wonmad » Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:19 pm

Neal wrote:I was looking for a used 8 on eBay UK so that I could try one out without fear of wasting money. There might have been some new Schecters, but lefty Schecters aren't something that a ton of stores stock over here (go figure). It'd most likely be a special order for a ERG - but it'd be cheaper and possibly quicker just to order from the States. But yeah, there are always a few 8s on eBay USA.

I've seen TWO used 8s in the UK (as far as I can remember). Both Agile Intrepids (the 28.6" ones) and both cost more than what it would cost to import a new one from the States. This Septor was reasonably priced, so I jumped on it.

Ah, used ones...that figures. I haven't seen used 8s on US ebay very much either. Even if I saw one, most individual sellers doesn't want to ship outside US. That makes sense. I sold a couple of my guitars online and packing was not easy unless there are cardboard guitar boxes that I didn't throw out. And safely packing them securely for sending overseas is even out of question.

UK is, hmm, I heard notorious for everything is expensive, sorry :P One of my friend went to the Korean restaurant in London. I heard Kimchi Chigae (a popular Korean spicy soup which is no more than $5 here in Korea) was being sold for more than $40 there.
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