Exclusive Insider Secrets! How Brands Choose Lefty Guitars

Have you ever wondered how exactly a company decides which guitars to build left handed? Most brands won’t make every model available to us, so what’s the thought process? After countless years of painstaking research involving many, many leather-bound books I have finally discovered the answers!

For the sake of simplicity I’ve collated my findings in the form of flowcharts.


As Fender is well aware, all of us southpaws are raving Metathesiophobiacs.  For those of you who don’t know, a Metathesiophobiac is someone who fears change. Even though some people claim to be bored of the current lefty range, Fender is actually doing us a great service by offering us the exact same guitars….every…single…year.  We don’t want no Mustangs or Jazzmasters here, no sir!

Fender : Should We Make a Left Handed Guitar


Ah, Gibson.  They love us, they hate us, they love, us, they hate us.  Make up your bloody mind, eh Henry? Here is the thought process behind Gibson’s 2015 lefty line-up.

Gibson: Should We Make a Left Handed Guitar


Like Fender, Ibanez have gone to great lengths to conduct thorough market research to discover the tastes of left handed guitarists.  And the findings of that research is that we all love affordable, gloss black guitars…apparently.

Ibanez: Should We Make a Left Handed Guitar

The Dream

Why can’t all companies be like this eh?  What a glorious world that would be.

Should We Make a Left Handed Guitar

Wait…some brands are like this? Shout out to Taylor, Martin, Larrivee, Tom Anderson, Schecter (more or less), Carvin, Collings, PureSalem, Framus, Gaskell, GJ2, Heritage, James Trussart, Alexander James, Kauer, Macpherson, Mensinger, Nik Huber, Overwater, Peerless, RAN, Ruokangas, Sandberg, Stonebridge, Suhr (pretty much). And many, many more.

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6 replies
  1. mcarp555
    mcarp555 says:

    These should almost be t-shirts! I’d like to see a true Gaskell one that shows no rightys made! Or Hofner with only the Beatle bass made LH. Very funny!

  2. itabbe
    itabbe says:

    i used to drool over extreme guitar forms.
    i still want a rr24-style guitar really bad.
    but everything else i dream of now has a strat-shape (ibanez, schecter, ltd superstrats, that LP 7 string looks neat tho).
    now the interesting question is:
    did i subconsciously adapt taste in guitars to what’s available,
    or did i just grow out of warrior, king-v, kelly etc.?

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      Have you tried Dave at Xtreme Lefty Guitars? An RR24 is the kind of thing he might be able to hook you up with. Link at the top of this page. I know he’s at NAMM right now speaking to guys like Jackson about limited lefty runs.

      • itabbe
        itabbe says:

        thnaks, xlg has awesome guitars,
        but i’ve seen the jacksons xlg had over the years, and i’m not really interested in a limited-run rr1 or custom shop. the discontinued rr24s were pretty affordable compared to that.
        even if i had that kind of money, i’d rather go for something like a ran, or a caparsion orbit (if they’d ever make one, but xlg does have a caparsion section :P).

  3. LeftyGutiar
    LeftyGutiar says:

    Ibanez is the best for lefties of this group but still with my favorite models there weren’t many made.

    Fender doesn’t offer enough varieties in neck style for me. So buy the bodies and have necks made elsewhere.

    Carvin is the best with lefties. They also didn’t charge extra for one.


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