Gibson : Left Handed Guitars 2010

Gibson weren’t a company I expected to be writing about this year, but lo and behond their website lists some left handed guitars so this guide must be written! I have no idea if any of these are actively being produced or if they are just models that Gibson have produced at some point in the last few years, but they are readily available new so we’ll count these as their 2010 line up for now.. 😉

The Gibson Website lists only four guitars as being available left handed, but they cover the 3 main body shapes that they produce so that’s fair enough.  Gibson guitars are mainly just variations of the Les Paul shape anyway right? Right?

Gibson Les Paul Studio Left Handed Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Studio Left Handed Guitar Lefty

All the elements of the legendary Les Paul Standard are still there, including that fat and sweet maple-and-mahogany tone through two genuine Gibson humbucking pickups. By eliminating a little of the window dressing – namely, building the guitar without binding around the body top or fingerboard, and applying an elegant gold silkscreened logo in place of an inlay – the Les Paul Studio weighs in at a price that players have found irresistible for three decades.

Gibson SG Standard Left Handed Guitar

Gibson SG Standard Left Handed Guitar Lefty

When it first hit the scene back in 1961, the Gibson SG (short for Solid Guitar) was the most radical design the electric guitar world had witnessed so far, and it still makes a bold statement today.  Originally conceived as a modern replacement for the single-cutaway Les Paul Standard (the name it still carried for the first couple years of its existence), the SG had several features that made it perfect for cutting-edge guitarists – all of which remain present in the Gibson USA SG Standard – and it became an iconic rock guitar almost immediately. With its light yet resonant solid-mahogany body and neck, a radical looking double-cutaway design that also yields unprecedented upper-fret access, a rock-solid Tune-o-matic bridge and stoptail pairing, and two meaty humbucking pickups, today’s SG Standard is just as sweet a player and as monstrous a tone machine as the guitars that made the name legendary nearly 50 years ago.

Gibson 2008 Les Paul Standard Left Handed Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Standard Left Handed Guitar Lefty

Improving a legend isn’t easy, but it’s happened. Introducing Gibson USA’s 2008 Les Paul Standard—an elegant revision of a true classic, with upgrades and new features that make it the best Les Paul Standard ever produced. Based on consumer feedback and a drive to uphold and enhance the legacy of the Les Paul Standard, Gibson USA’s 2008 model sets a new guitar benchmark for excellence and achievement. Play the new 2008 Les Paul Standard from Gibson USA and experience the evolution of the greatest electric guitar of all time.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Left Handed Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Left Handed Guitar Lefty

With all the fat, sweet, snarling Les Paul tone that purists love, the Traditional plays, sounds, and feels like the Les Pauls that today’s players grew up loving and lusting after. Taking design and visual cues from the Les Pauls of the ’80s and ’90s, the Les Paul Traditional starts with a Grade-A mahogany body and adds nine strategically placed traditional weight-relief holes for a beefy tone that maintains the resonance of modern Les Pauls, while losing a large portion of the weight. This is capped with a maple top, giving the Les Paul Traditional the look of the great Les Pauls that helped to bring rock back to the front of the stage in the mid ’80s. Capping the Traditional with a maple top not only looks great, but it also brings out presence and definition to the tone. With the look of the great Les Paul Standards that helped to make rock king again, and every ounce of the tone thanks to legendary Gibson construction, classic tonewoods, and two genuine humbucking pickups, the Les Paul Traditional is the guitar to take your music center stage where it belongs.

Not too much to choose from but as always there are a ton of alternatives from previous years from Gibson to be had on the internet new and second hand.

Obligatory Website Critique.  The Gibson website has a very clean and aesthetically pleasing design but the sheer amount of information and sub-menus it contains can sometimes make finding what you need a bit of a struggle.  For example, when I was trying to find which models were available left handed I had looked at several guitars before I unlocked the hidden ‘left-handed’ menu!  Fair play to Gibson, they have a left handed search option, but it only becomes available when you are deep into your search.

Gibson Website

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  1. Stan
    Stan says:

    Can anyone tell me the model # of the Gibson Les Paul Studio Left Handed Guitar 2010 Fire Burst that’s the first on this page. Have been looking high and low to find it. Based out of Canada. Any and all help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. We lefty’s don’t give in or up when it comes to finding a guitar we want. Thank you.

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