Gordon Smith : Left Handed Guitars

Often described as the British version of Gibson, Gordon Smith Guitars was founded in 1979 by Gordon Whitham and John Smith in Manchester, England.  The company produces a small range of handmade guitars which are aimed at the working musician.

Some interesting facts about Gordon Smith! They were the first manufacturer to offer coil-tapped humbuckers.  They have been rated top in a table for the use of sustainable woods in guitar construction.

Gordon Smith Left Handed Guitars

Gordon Smith are another very lefty friendly company and shoot right to the top of the table as all of their guitars are available to order left handed, and at no additional cost!  Excellent! 🙂

The image below shows all of the models available from Gordon Smith, but extra finishes and other options are also available so be sure to take a look at their website to see exactly what is on offer.

Gordon Smith left handed guitar lefty

Gordon Smith Guitars Website

The Gordon Smith website employs a clean and elegant design which works very well.  However it isn’t quite perfect when it comes to browsing for left handed guitars.  Most pages do mention that left handed versions are available at no extra charge, however a few models are missing this information.  As a result I had to contact the company to discover that every guitar is in fact available lefty.  Still, a simple fix for them!

For more information:
Gordon Smith Guitars Website

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