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Learning the note names and locations on your guitar’s fretboard is such an important and integral concept to grasp when learning to play guitar.  Only once you have mastered this key concept will you be able to fully unlock your potential playing ability.  Unfortunately this learning process is a necessary evil which many players will neglect to tackle, and as a result the rate at which they improve on the guitar is greatly hindered.

In order to speed up the process and make it less painful we are glad to introduce the LeftyFretz Fret Note Labels which are available for purchase from our eBay store or via PayPal/credit card immediately.

The product is a simple set of fretboard labels which when installed on your guitar will clearly lay-out all of the notes on the fingerboard. The stickers are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible whilst still being easily readable, and when properly installed should aid with correct finger placement as well as note memorisation.


We are offering the new and improved Fret Labels for the very-low introductory price of £4.99 with next-day shipping in the UK (£5.99 for international orders). These are currently available for purchase from our eBay Store or via PayPal/credit card below.

What Do I Get?

Each set will come with enough labels to fit almost any single instrument. As standard there are stickers for EADGBE strings for 25 frets each and there is an extra bonus string with another 25 frets worth of labels.


Each set of labels comes on a pre-cut sheet and each string is laid out as it would be on your guitar for easy installation. Depending on how much of a perfectionist you are, installation time should run you about 30 minutes. Just in case you are still unsure we have posted detailed instructions on the website – the link is on the label sheet.

What Can I Use Them On?

Any stringed instrument should work perfectly. Guitar, bass, lefty, righty, you name it. You could even use these on piano or violin, be imaginative!

Are They Safe?

100%! The labels are printed on custom cut paper which is re-peelable so they won’t leave any permanent residue on your fretboard. Perfect!


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Satisfied eBay customers

8 replies
  1. Levon
    Levon says:

    Excellent fret labels. Very useful and helpful! They didn’t come off since I pasted them.
    P.S. I’m happy to see that you have incorporated the photo of my guitar neck with the lables.

  2. Eugene
    Eugene says:

    cool, i had made my own and wondered if they actually existed (i thought i was ‘cheating’). recently started learning and had a friend who taught me a bit of musical theory (how B and E dont have a B# and E#), so i counted it out and made my own. took away the mystery of the fretboard and chords and made it easier to understand.

    have also been using the chords diagram here, as a lefty i find it easier to use instead of trying to mentally convert.

  3. Simon Dawson
    Simon Dawson says:


    I am totally confused. I have bought a left handed guitar, and have tried to do the first lessons on Garage band. I am told by my right handed guitar friends that the notes are in the same place as it is a mirror image. So, would I be able to watch right handed lessons and do exactly the same.

    I am very confused!


  4. Peer
    Peer says:

    Neil you don’t have just a picture of the fretboard notes.
    got it to right, bur prefer one in lefty you got one ?


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