Guitar Idol III Competition Lefty Update

Neal January 11, 2011 0

Guitar Idol Left Handed Guitarist UpdatesIn the last Guitar Idol competition update we were a little unsure about whether or not entries were closed due to conflicting information on the official website.  Well it would seem that the deadline has now been extended until January 28th, so there’s still some time left to enter this year’s competition.

The number of entrants since the previous update has dropped significantly as most people seem to have gotten their submissions in within the first couple of months.  There are however three more excellent left handed entrants to take a look at and gain some inspiration from…

Tom Winter – Sarah Rose

Tom is a UK fingerstyle artist and has submitted his track ‘Sarah Rose‘ which showcases his sublimely melodic and unique playstyle.  The song itself is fantastic, but what makes Tom’s entry even more impressive if the fact that he’s playing a right handed guitar upside down without restringing! This style of playing really lends itself well to his gorgeous use of harmonics as the fretting hand is less likely to accidentally mute any ringing notes. I love the subtle bend at 10 seconds in, little touches like this really make the song for me.

I’m hopeless at recognising acoustic models, maybe someone can help me out with this one…

Jordi Pinyol – Blues Improv

Regular readers of LeftyFretz will recognise Jordi from when we chatted to him a couple of months ago about what it’s like being a professional guitarist (and left handed!).  Jordi has submitted a video of himself jamming over a blues track in a wide variety of different playing styles.  I love Jordi’s style – he’s a very versatile player.

Jordi is playing is beautiful Suhr Classic.

Susan Santos – Long John Blues

Susan Santos is another name that cropped up during our chat with Jordi as another great left handed player to watch out for.  She is also based in Spain and performs in her band ‘Susan Santos & the Papa’s Red Band’.  Her entry is a great blues track filmed live at a gig.

Susan is playing her Fender Stratocaster.

With the deadline only a couple of weeks away it’s unlikely that there will be many more entrants so this should be the last update before we see who makes it through to heat number two.  Best of luck to everyone who has entered! :)

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