Heritage : Left-Handed Guitars

Heritage Guitars was founded in 1985 by former employees of the Gibson guitar factory, who decided not to relocate when Gibson moved its factory to Nashville.  The company initially started out offering guitars, basses, mandolins and banjos, however they have since streamlined their range to only consist of electric guitars.

As you would expect from a company derived from ex-Gibson employees, the guitars offered are very similar to Gibson’s products.  Many Heritage fans will argue that the quality of the guitars exceeds the modern day Gibson counterparts due to the largely handmade construction process and greater attention to detail.

Heritage Left-Handed Guitars

The good news is that all Heritage guitars are available in a left-handed version.  Below is an image of a small sample of the Heritage range, but be sure to take a look at their website to see the full collection!

Heritage left-handed electric guitars lefty southpaw gibson

Heritage Guitars Website

The Heritage website has a very dated, simple appearance, perhaps in keeping with the company’s ‘old skool’ business style.  There is no mention of left-handed models anywhere, which necessitated a quick email to the company.

For more information
Heritage Guitars Website

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  1. tracy goldstein
    tracy goldstein says:

    I like Heritage too but the dealer I use is Adirondack Guitar and recently I have gotten poor customer service with them, so they are bye bye for me.

  2. Jason Youngdale
    Jason Youngdale says:

    Hello! I am originally from Kalamazoo and grew up a few miles from the Heritage shop (that used to be Gibson). I took a tour last year and it was awesome! The staff there are knowledgeable and friendly. You can see the whole process of guitar making and they know their stuff. If money were not an issue I would buy a Heritage over a Gibson in a heartbeat. They are old school hand make everything and the quality is amazing.


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