How To Correctly String a Lefty Guitar

Before you ask – no, I haven’t run out of article ideas, and yes, I do get asked this with worrying regularity.  Many new players seem to become stuck at the first hurdle of guitar – how to string it correctly. More specifically I get an email usually once a week asking about the correct order in which to string a lefty guitar.

For reasons unknown to me these new players seem to think that because the guitar is mirrored the string order should also be flipped. I personally can’t remember what it was like being a fledgling lefty guitarist so I shan’t jest!  Not to your faces anyway… :P

If you have a bona fide lefty guitar then you will find that the nut will only accept the strings if you place them in the correct order.  By this I mean that the slots in the nut are designed to snugly fit each string, so if you tried to place the thickest string in the slot designed for the thinnest string there would be insufficient space.

Left Handed Guitars are Strung No Differently to Right Handed Guitars

For both left and right handed guitars the thinnest string will be nearest to the floor (when in a playing position) and from there they will increase in thickness towards you.  On any standard tuned 6-string guitar the order of strings from thick to thin is EADGBE.

See below to have this information displayed in pretty colors…

How To String a Left Handed Guitar

Hope that cleared things up!  By the way, how badly do you want a multi-colored set of strings now!?

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  1. Carl
    Carl says:

    There are a few lefties that actually play with their strings upside down while the guitar itself is a true lefty.


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