Ibanez RG655L-CBM Prestige Left Handed Guitar

Way back in June of last year, Ibanez hinted on their Facebook page of a new left handed Prestige series guitar. And now, it finally looks as if this model will be coming our way!

I had guessed that the new model would be a RG655ML, and I was pretty close! What we’re actually getting is a RG655L-CBM, which is the same guitar with a rosewood fingerboard instead of maple. Let’s take a look…

Ibanez RG655L-CBM Prestige Left Handed Guitar

Ibanez RG655L-CBM Prestige Left Handed Guitar

For outstanding shredability, the Prestige RG655 gives you an alarmingly fast Super Wizard HP neck and a rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets. Ibanez loaded the RG655 with an original – and legendary – Edge Tremolo. A trio of DiMarzio pickups provide you with a wide selection of tones that are perfect for rock and metal. The guitar is topped off with a stunning Cobalt Blue Metallic finish with matching headstock.

Ibanez RG655L-CBM Prestige

Neck type: Super Wizard HP 5pc Maple / Walnut neck
Body: Basswood body
Fretboard: Rosewood fretboard w/ White dot Inlay
Fret: Jumbo Frets w / Prestige FRET edge Treatment
Bridge: Edge Tremolo Bridge
Neck pickup: DiMarzio Air Norton (H) neck pickup
Middle pickup: DiMarzio True Velvet (S) middle pickup
Bridge pickup: DiMarzio The Tone Zone (H) Bridge pickup
Color: Cobalt Blue Metallic
Case / Bag: Hardshell case included

A left handed, higher-end, non-black Ibanez. Ticks all the boxes!

If the new RG655L isn’t your cup of tea, make sure to also check out the gorgeous new Koa topped RG652KFXL Prestige, which is exclusive to our friends at Xtreme Lefty Guitars.

Get Your Own!

These are now in stock at the following links:

For current and upcoming models, check out our massive new Left Handed Ibanez Guitar Guide!

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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    They are available to order on the Andertons website (which is a music shop in Guildford that also does online purchase shipping) so they are going to be available in the UK, but I’m not sure if that is a special run or not. You have to go on the Ibanez guitars section of their website, not the left handed section to find it though. A bit more expensive than the right handed equivalent at £999 but I spose that is to be expected. And I presume that other shops will be able to get hold of them too if Andertons has!


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