New Ibanez RG721FML Premium Limited Edition

Exciting news for Ibanez fans – looks like the Japanese giants are set to release another left handed Premium model!

Last year we got the RG721RWL, an absolutely stunning RG with a classy rosewood top. To say that the guitar was popular would be a huge understatement – we pre-sold the entire stock before the guitars even got to the store! You absolutely loved them.

I guess Ibanez spotted how well that guitar sold, because they’re back with the new, and limited edition RG721FML! This model is exactly the same as the previous offering, but they’ve swapped the rosewood tops for a beautiful natural flamed maple option. Sensational!

Ibanez RG721FML Left Handed Guitar

Ibanez RG721FML Left Handed Guitar

  • Neck Type Wizard 5pc Maple/Walnut neck
  • Body Flamed Maple top/American Basswood body
  • Fretboard Bound Rosewood fretboard w/Off-set white dot inlay
  • Frets Jumbo frets w/Premium fret edge treatment
  • Bridge Tight-End R bridge
  • Neck Pickup CAP-VM (H) neck pickup (Passive/Alnico)
  • Bridge Pickup CAP-VM (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Alnico)
  • Hardware Color Cosmo black

Ibanez Premium RG721FML Limited Edition

At the moment I can only see this guitar on the Ibanez UK website (link below), but I will certainly try and find out what the story is tomorrow at work. Fingers crossed for a world-wide release. Update July 8th: These have now appeared on the Ibanez Canada website here.

Hopefully this is an indication that they are finally realising that there’s only so many gloss black guitars a southpaw can take… You get two thumbs up from me, Ibanez. Bravo.

Thanks to skinnygav in our forum for the heads up!

Update: I managed to get a few of these ordered at work. So if any UK based southpaws would like to secure one, you can pre-order here.

For more information:
For current and upcoming models, check out our massive new Left Handed Ibanez Guitar Guide!

8 replies
  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Mmmm… Love the colour of the back of the body and the contrast to the rest. That’s a beautiful finish all-round!

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      Agreed! This and the previous Rosewood model are easily the best looking lefties Ibanez have put out in the last few years (if you ask me…)

  2. itab
    itab says:

    i actually like this one a lot more than the rosewood one :O
    i hope ibanez will continue making more leftys with cool finishes (their righty lineup has gotten a lot less black too)

    (it’d be perfect with a trans blue finish and a maple fretboard, i’d love to see that combo on a lefty some day)


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