Ibanez Introduces New RG7321L 7-String Guitar

Exciting news for all you left handed 7-string aficionados out there!  Ibanez have just announced a brand new 7-string for 2011 – introducing the new RG7321L from the RG Fixed range!

The RG7321 has consistently been one of the most popular 7-string models available to righties, and now us southpaws can finally get our grubby mitts on one too!  Ibanez has previously offered only one left handed 7-string (the RG7420L) which was only available for a short period of time, and as a result is now very hard to source.  So perhaps it would be in your best interests to snap one of these up before they’re all gone.  As is tradition with Ibanez, this guitar comes in a gloss black finish.

From the Ibanez website:

The RG Fixed series brings you the world’s premier metal axe, with the simplicity and sustain of a Gibraltar Standard bridge. These RG Fixed models can take and dish out whatever vicious pounding they get, and are as stable as a rock. RG Fixed models represent the answer to many players’ desires: the in-your-face sound of an RG without the double-locking hassle.

Ibanez RG7321L Left Handed 7-String Guitar

Ibanez RG7321L Left Handed 7-String Guitar Lefty

  • Neck Material:  5pc Maple/ Walnut
  • Neck Type:  Wizard II-7
  • Body:  Basswood body
  • Frets:  Jumbo frets
  • Fingerboard:  Bound Rosewood
  • Inlay:  Pearl dot inlay
  • Bridge:  Gibraltar Standard 7 bridge
  • NeckPU:   AH17
  • BridgePU:  AH27
  • HW Color:  BK
  • Finishes:  BK

Update 2016: This guitar has now been discontinued. For alternatives, please check out one of the following two pages.

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    • Neal
      Neal says:

      I was really thinking about getting one of these and respraying it candy orange, until Ibanez put a spanner in the works. It’s too cheap a guitar for it to be worthwhile importing one, so I’ll have to take my money elsewhere 😉

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      Not unless you become an Ibanez Artist 😉 The Custom Shop is only available to endorsed players.

      There are plenty of places you can go to get a left handed 7-string like this, it just won’t have the Ibanez logo on the headstock, unless you put it there yourself. As this is a basic, entry level guitar it won’t be hard to find guitars of a much higher quality than this one, either custom or production line.

  1. Corey Bennett
    Corey Bennett says:

    Thanks! Any guitars that would be of better quality? I have a lefty schecter c7 hellraiser and I’m just looking for something to match that or even better.

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