New Ibanez RGIR27FEL Iron Label 7-String

More new guitars from Ibanez!  One of our eagle-eyed readers has spotted the very first left handed Iron Label series guitar on the Ibanez Germany website.  Say hello to the new RGIR27FEL 7-string!

Ibanez RGIR27FEL Left Handed 7-String Guitar

Ibanez RGIR27FEL Left Handed Iron Label 7-String Guitar

Neck:Wizard nitro-7 3-piece maple / bubinga
Fingerboard:Rosewood with Binding
Bridge:Gibraltar Standard 7
Circuit:3-way kill switch
Pickup Neck:EMG 707
Pickup Bridge:EMG 707
Hardware color:Cosmo Black


And if 7 strings are too much for you, not to fret – there will also be a 6-string version 😉

For more information:
The Ultimate Left Handed Ibanez Guide

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  1. nehuen
    nehuen says:

    Hello I am very interested in one of his guitars is the new label Iron Left Handed 7 strings I wonder how much it costs and if they can deliver to mexico. Thanks

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      I don’t have a price or release date for this (and it might not be available outside of Europe), but a quick Google search shows the European price to be roughly € 619.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    Same guitar I bought in 2001, except it had Lo-Trs trem bridge and lousy Ibanez pickups. Buying this one I’d feel cheated for the lack of major innovations over the years, but I must admit it’s been a really reliable and sturdy instrument (the paint layer is very thin, though). And mine costed 1,5 times this price! Still made in Japan?

  3. Kane ciesielski
    Kane ciesielski says:

    What would you say the odds are of these being realeased nationaly. And also any advice on how to get ahold of one otherwise?


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