New Left Handed Ibanez Ukulele for 2013

It was just the other day that one of the readers was asking me about left handed ukulele’s – and I have to admit, they’re not the easiest of things to find!  Luckily Ibanez are about to launch a new left handed model (and it has a super memorable name) – say hello to the  UEW20LSME!  Okay, so I was being sarcastic about the name…

Again, this has only been spotted in the 2013 Ibanez Europe catalogue, so at the moment it is only confirmed for the European market.

Ibanez UEW20LSME Left Handed Ukulele

Ibanez UEW20LSME Left Handed Ukulele Lefty

  • Cutaway Concert Style EW body
  • Spalted Maple body
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood bridge and fretboard
  • Gold Grover® Open Gear tuners
  • Abalone rosette
  • Ibanez Under Saddle pickup
  • Ibanez UK300T preamp
  • Aquila® NYLGUT® strings
  • Natural High Gloss Finish
  • Padded Gig Bag included

Again, the lefty model is not yet on the Ibanez website, but check out the right handed version here

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  1. Maurice (Moz)
    Maurice (Moz) says:

    Ukulele manufacturers finally realising that all Ukulele players are NOT all right handed – this being the reason I started making my own!!!!

    I suspect us lefties will have to pay the over-inflated prices though, as usual!!

  2. mcarp555
    mcarp555 says:

    I found it listed on a site in the Netherlands at 215 Euros. I don’t know how that compares with a righty model, though.

  3. yarrr
    yarrr says:

    Righthand model is priced about the same… 10€ more i think so no big difference.. i ordered mine few days ago and waiting to get my hands to this.. ive been playing guitar for few years and decided to get ukulele for a change and learn something new and im expecting big results from this since my first choice were restring cheap kala ukes hehe 😉

  4. dkong99
    dkong99 says:

    Finally got one! arrived 2/18/14 from Guitar Center, probably one of the first lefties in the US. Beautifully made and worth the wait.

  5. Kristi Ambrose
    Kristi Ambrose says:

    Not sure if it was done on purpose or what, but when you look at the name quickly, it looks like it says AWESOME lol.

    FYI, used these are usually around $150 to $180. brand new, you can get them low at around $300 and high at around $415. Believe me. I searched around a LOT. At one point I had like 58 tabs open on Chrome for the left handed option.


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