Happy National Left Handed Day 2016

Happy National Left Handed Day 2016!  Every year on August 13th we southpaws get our very own designated day to celebrate our dexterity.  Left Handed Day 2016 is also meant to help raise awareness of the troubles that us southpaw people experience with living in a right-hand centric world.

National Left Handed Day 2016

So the idea is that we have an excuse to get drunk and have a whinge at how easy righties have it? Well, not quite.

National Left Handed Day 2016 – August 13th

Special events are usually set up around the world, such as designated ‘left handed zones’ where righties are encouraged to use their non-dominant hand to perform simple tasks.  These special areas might only include southpaw tools and utensils in order to force people into finding out what it’s like being a southpaw in a right handed world.

All too often we southpaws are overlooked by designers and developers. So it is also hoped that through participating in this day we can raise awareness of the need for ambidextrous product designs.

Here’s my (selfish) suggestion for this yearly event.  Every year on August 13th guitar stores worldwide should have a sale where only the southpaw models are discounted. Do it. Do it.

international left handed day sale

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