Useful Internet Resources For Guitar Players

The internet is jam-packed full of useful free resources for musicians, but which of them are actually any good? Check out the ‘LeftyFretz Guitarist’s Toolbox’ below for some great internet treasures!

I raided my bookmarks to bring you some of my favourites – help to expand the list by adding your own suggestions in the comments section.  All of these resources are completely free to use!

Backing Tracks/Beats – Create your own jam tracks in any key – Backing tracks for your favourite songs – Free backing tracks on YouTube – Chord/Backing Track generator – Free online drum machine – Backing tracks for your favourite songs – Selection of free backing tracks with scale diagrams and advice

DIY Guitar – Build your own guitar (or at least mod it a little!) – Guitar building tips – Learn to paint your own guitar

Left Handed Guitar – Yay!

Magazines – The best online guitar magazine? – Free online magazine, monthly release – Free monthly digital magazine from LickLibrary – Free magazine concentrating on higher end gear

Metronomes – Flash based metronome – A couple of metronomes – Metronome with more control

Music – A free music database with millions of songs online – Listen to similar bands for endless inspiration – Listen to similar bands for endless inspiration

Recording Tools – Browser based multitrack application

Reviews – User submitted gear reviews – Obviously…

TAB/Notation – Text based tab creation made easy – Create professional quality musical notation for free – Tab and notation paper for printing – Tab search engine – Free tab creation software

Theory – Interactive Circle of Fifths – Figure out scales and chords in any position – Free ear training tools – Chord and Scale diagrams – Our own interactive left handed chord diagrams

Tuners – Flash based tuner – Another tuner – Tuner for up to 7 strings in any tuning – Another tuner

If you have any of your own to add, leave a comment below – the only requirement is that they must be FREE 😉

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  1. Anselme LEBRUN
    Anselme LEBRUN says:

    For those who have and Android device, I propose an original solution to the problem of backing tracks.
    This is a totally free application called : JamGrid.
    The idea is very simple : the application allows to capture the chord grid of the song you want. Then you choose a musical play style (rock, blues, samba, …)
    And, that’ it.
    The application automatically plays a rich backing track (drums, bass, rhythm).
    I think it is perfect to practice you instrument, especially for solos and improvisation.

  2. Tristan
    Tristan says:

    A link suggestions for Backing Tracks/Beats section: is the largest guitar jam- & backing track library & contains over 420 free jam- & backing tracks
    On you can improve your guitar skills, especially on scales. The main focus is to have lots of fun with our jam tracks while learning different scales.

    – Improve your guitar skills, especially on scales.
    – Have lots of fun with our jam & backingtracks while learning different scales
    – Easy to find: The guitar jamtracks are organized by genre, scale/mode, key & tempo.

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