Kauer : Left Handed Guitars & Basses

Kauer Guitars is a family run business started by Doug Kauer. The company is based in California, USA and builds a variety of beautiful custom guitars and bass guitars.

The good news for left handed guitar players is that all Kauer guitars are available to order left handed at no extra charge – nice work guys! 🙂

Kauer Left Handed Guitars & Bass Guitars

Kauer left handed guitar bass

The image above shows a small selection of available guitars, so make sure to check out the Kauer website to see the full range.  The image shows (from left to right) a Daylighter Bass, 3 different models of Daylighters, and two Banshees.

Daylighter Bass
Kauer’s most requested instrument since the birth of the Daylighter series. They wanted to approach the bass from an outsider’s perspective. Starting with a traditional Spanish Cedar body, a variety of pickup options, a 6 bolt hardrock maple neck (with recessed plate), ultralite Hipshot tuners and bridge. The Daylighter Bass can cover ground from the most classic MoTown vibe straight through the most aggressive modern bass tones. The most unique feature of the Daylighter Bass is the ability to choose from 30, 32 or 34″ scale lengths without changes to the body of the instrument. Pickup options are open to most configurations of both passive and active setups.

The Daylighter
The Daylighter is Kauer’s flagship guitar. Its fusion of offset balance and aesthetics combined with classic Set Neck and Carved Top appointments makes for an absolute standout of a guitar. Built with a familiar 24.75″ scale and 22 frets the Daylighter should immediately feel at home alongside other classics.

Kauer builds a variety of Daylighter’s from the bare-bones Daylighter Express to the woody and ES tinged vibe of the Argonaut. Each version has a specific voicing to suit the player’s needs.

The Banshee
The Banshee is Kauer’s road improved version of that winged classic we all grew up listening to. Built from solid Spanish Cedar to create an extremely light, well balanced tone monster for those looking to make it through the Winter. With a scarfed headjoint to improve strength, the full gamit of pickup options from the traditional Mini to P90’s and full sized Humbuckers to go from Johnny to Allen.

Kauer Website

The Kauer website is well designed and features a good number of high quality images of the guitars.  A really neat feature is the interactive guitar builder, which will let you spec out and preview your dream axe before ordering!  Most importantly for us southpaws, the website includes a note about left handed availability on the FAQ page.

For more information:
Kauer Guitars Website

5 replies
  1. Steve EF-15
    Steve EF-15 says:

    I’d never heard of these guys before.
    Those are some really nice looking guitars.
    Now I’ll be looking for them when I’m ourt seeing bands,and in stores, and I really appreciate the lefty friendly attitude of the company.

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    I own two lefty Kauer guitars a JR and a Banshee. They are both great playing, great looking , great sounding guitars.
    Check out a PRS private stock or a Gibby custom shop and compare prices, really go ahead I’ll wait…………………………………yeah I thought so too!

  3. eddie bax
    eddie bax says:

    Anyone complaining about Kauer Banshees being over-priced (at least for lefties) has never had to deal with Gibson. After wanting a Firebird for 38 years, and 50 years after their roll-out, Gibson finally issued an authentic lefty FIrebird (and not that mis-begotten parody they laughingly call a “Tribute”).

    Dave’s Guitar Shop was not encouraging when I expressed an interest in a lefty Firebird I. Apparently, omitting a pickup, a switch, two pots and a tune-o-matic would increase the price $1500.00 (Henry’s Harvard B School economics in action) to around $4000.00

    Makes Doug’s Banshees, where you can spec every aspect, pretty damn attractive.


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