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Laguna Guitars is a new-ish guitar company which is owned by and brought to you by the team at Guitar Center in the USA.  You may have heard of this brand if you are a fan of fusion guitarist Greg Howe who has a signature model with the company.

Laguna takes pride in being an environmentally friendly company and insists that for every guitar thay they build they will also plant a tree.  The packaging used is made from recycled materials and they also do not print out heavy and largely unneeded catalogues, they leave the printing up to the customer.  A very green company indeed!

But alas, they do seem to care more about the planet than they do for us lefty guitar players as the company only produces one of their guitars left handed.  And you guessed it….it’s black!  Companies really need to wake up and realise how utterly fed up we are of being force fed black guitars.  Ah well, at least it’s a satin finish rather than the usual glossy 😛

Let’s take a look at the left handed guitars available from this Californian company…

Laguna LE200BKS Left Handed Guitar

Laguna LE200BKS Left Handed Guitar Lefty

  • Carved basswood body
  • Hard-rock maple neck
  • Indian rosewood fretboard
  • 24 frets with pearl “Earthrise” inlays
  • Teflon-infused graphite nut
  • String-thru w/tune-o-matic style bridge
  • HH pickup configuration, C4 ceramic magnets with coil tap
  • 5-way pickup selector
  • Black hardware
  • Finish: Black Satin (BKS)

Laguna Website

The Laguna website is fairly basic in design but gets the job done efficiently.  The left handed guitar is clearly listed separately from the right handed designs, which makes it very easy to find.  No real complaints here, just please try and add a few more lefty models to your range in the future!

For more information:
Laguna Guitars Website

4 replies
  1. Axl1987
    Axl1987 says:

    I have one of these! They're actually pretty good guitars but I agree that they should come in a color other than black, kinda annoying that so many companies lump us with gloomy finishes.

  2. s1yfox
    s1yfox says:

    Oh my god….I fell hard in love with this beautiful instrument. didnt find the lefty version anywhere, but the righty guitar was just so so good! I was shredding up all the David Gilmour stuff I knew, all the Dave Mustaine all the Matt Bellamy and it roared back to me in full!

    Sucks how I trekked everywhere from Brea up to Hollywood and did not see the Le200 LH 🙁
    looks like im stuck with my geared up epiphone left handed les paul for now


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