ESP Left Handed Guitars and Basses 2017

Left Handed ESP Guitars

ESP is a Japanese manufacturer of guitars, founded in 1975 by Hisatake Shibuya in Tokyo. The company started out by providing custom replacement parts for guitars, but very quickly built a name for themselves after introducing their own high-end guitar designs. Today ESP is one of the world’s most popular guitar brands.

In the grand scheme of things, and considering that they are one of the biggest guitar brands in the world, the company actually has a really excellent selection of left handed ESP guitars and basses available. I’ve done my best to include the entirety of the 2017 range of left handed ESP guitars and basses below – take a look!

The ESP Family Explained

LTD – The Ltd brand was introduced in 1996 in order to bring the prestige and quality of ESP to a more wallet friendly price, and therefore to a much larger audience. The more premium models such as the EC-1000 are made in Korea, while the more affordable guitars are manufactured in Indonesia.

E-II – The E-II Series is designed to bridge the gap between the mass produced Ltd guitars and the Japanese built Custom Shop models. These guitars are made in the same factory as the custom models, but are mass-produced as opposed to being hand-crafted one by one. This results in a higher quality, premium guitar, but without the premium price tag that the Japanese ESPs command.

Others – These are the main two ranges that we will cover in this article as they are the most readily available, however other options are available (and some are mentioned below). For example ESP also has 3 Japan-only lines called Edwards, Grass Roots and Navigator. There’s also the Japanese ESP Custom Shop where you can have your ultimate dream guitar built. Depending on where you live there may also be other options, for example take a look at the ESP USA range which are handcrafted in California.

Left Handed ESP Guitars and Basses 2017

Latest Models

ESP introduced a few new models in mid-2017. You’ll find them all below, and there is also the SC-207B Stephen Carpenter signature which you’ll find in the artist section underneath.

Left Handed 2017 Ltd Guitars

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Check out the various tabs below for a brief summary of each guitar.

ESP Artist Signature Models

Next up, let’s take a look at the signature left handed ESP guitars currently available. ESP has a huge roster of endorsing artists, but at present lefty players can choose between Metallica and Deftones models only. Check them out below.

Left Handed ESP Artist Signature Guitars


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Check out the various tabs below for a brief summary of each guitar.

EC Series

The EC Series forms LTD’s singlecut range. At present there are 6 left handed LTD guitars available in the EC range as standard. These are arranged below in order of price from highest to lowest. I’ve provided a link below which will show current pricing for all guitars.

Left Handed ESP Ltd EC Series Guitars

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Check out the various tabs below for a brief summary of each guitar.

Other LTDs

Rather than create a new section for the rest, I’ve grouped the remaining left handed LTD guitars below.

Left Handed ESP Ltd Guitars

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Check out the various tabs below for a brief summary of each guitar.

E-II Series

As I’ve explained at the beginning of this page, the left handed ESP E-II Series falls somewhere between the LTD brand and the Japanese made Custom Shop models. Both of these guitars are mass produced in Japan to give premium quality at a lower price point.

Lefty ESP EII Guitars

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Check out the various tabs below for a brief summary of each guitar.

Special Run Models

The guitars detailed above are all listed on the ESP website as current production models – but wait, there’s more! ESP may allow certain dealers to order models usually only available right handed as long as a minimum order is placed – so some stores will offer left handed ESP guitars that you won’t find anywhere else! 

As you can imagine, these very limited guitars are part of super small runs (I believe 6 is a common number), so these are very special and rare indeed. One of the best places to go for these is our friends over at Xtreme Lefty Guitars. They always have a ton of amazing left handed ESP guitars in stock, with more arriving all the time. The image below shows just a small selection of what they have available at the time of writing, so hit the link below to see exactly what they have in stock!

Xtreme-Lefty-Guitars ESP Limited Edition

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Left Handed ESP Basses

You didn’t think I’d forgotten about the often neglected southpaw bassist did you? Check out the current range of left handed ESP basses below.

Left Handed ESP Ltd Bass Guitars

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Check out the various tabs below for a brief summary of each guitar.

So that about wraps things up for the current southpaw ESP range – hope you found what you were looking for!

ESP USA Configurator

Still not enough options for you? You might like to check out this new section on the ESP USA website which will allow you to design and purchase your dream ESP USA guitar.

ESP USA Configurator

The builder won’t show the guitar as being left handed, but the choice is in there. Other options include woods, color, finish, pickups and others depending on which guitar you opt for. Once you’ve finished your build, you can save it for later, or sent it off to ESP for a price quote.

Try it out hereESP USA Guitar Configurator

ESP Guitars Website

When LeftyFretz first started back in 2010 the ESP website was pretty awful when it came to left handed models – there was no information anywhere! However ESP has now turned things around completely and easily has one of the most lefty-friendly websites around. A specific left handed section clearly lists all available southpaw guitars and basses – top marks!

For more information:
ESP Japan Website
ESP USA Website

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