9 Perfect Left Handed Gifts

Shopping for left handed gifts? Keep reading to discover my top 9 inexpensive gifts for left handed people.

I’ve included some novelty gifts for lefties, as well as some products designed specifically for southpaws which will make life that little bit easier. Crucially, everything in this list is relatively inexpensive and is guaranteed to make the recipient smile!

9 Perfect Left Handed Gifts

Left Handed Gifts

1. A Notebook WITHOUT Rings

A spiral-bound notepad is a lefty’s worst enemy. It’s near impossible to write on them comfortably, and spend more than 2 minutes with one and you’ll be rewarded with those sweet, sweet ring imprints on your hand. Ouch! After years of suffering with the standard issue spiral-bound pads I’m given at work, I finally forked out the cash for a high-quality Moleskine notebook. Crucially, they open completely flat, which allows us lefties to write close to the margins in comfort. Perfect!

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2. Scissors

Many right handed people probably don’t even realise that a regular pair of scissors is next to useless when used in the left hand. The struggle is real! Take the hassle out of cutting by picking up a quality pair of left handed scissors. Inexpensive, but invaluable!

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3. Pens

Yes, left handed pens are a thing! Who knew!? As a southpaw, finding a pen which you can use without smudging is akin to discovering gold. Check out the Maped pens linked below which use quick-drying ink, and feature an innovative curved design which allows us to actually see what we’re writing. Very cool!

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4. Computer Mouse

Most mice are designed with a right handed user in mind, but you don’t need to struggle with poor ergonomics or extra buttons on the wrong side any longer! The Razer DeathAdder is a high quality mouse which is available in a left handed version. Although aimed at gamers, its ultra-high precision makes it ideal for any day-to-day task.

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5. Can Opener

I HATE using can openers – by the time I manage to get into the tin i’m a sweaty, angry mess. Left handed can openers do exist, but why not pick up an option which everyone in the house can use? The Bartelli model I’ve linked to below has an innovative ambidextrous design which allows for both left and right handed use.

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6. Knife Sharpener

Many years ago I bought a 3-stage knife sharpening block, and always thought it was pretty useless. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I realised it was designed to be used only with the right hand. Pick up an ambidextrous design such as the one linked below so that everyone in the house can safely keep kitchen knives in tip-top condition.

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7. Tape Measure

Most southpaws will favor holding a tape measure in their left hand, which means that the numbers will be upside down. A left handed tape measure solves that problem in one fell swoop. Check it out at the link below.

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8. Books for Lefties

There are a ton of books centred around left handed topics, so why not give the lefty in your life a book which talks specifically about our ‘gift’. A classic which has been around for decades is ‘The Natural Superiority of the Left-Hander’ by James Tertius de Kay.

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9. T-Shirt

Show off your lefty pride with a t-shirt announcing your southpaw awesomeness to the world. Check out the shirt below which bears the slogan ‘I May Be Left Handed, But I’m Always Right’.

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If you have any of your own ideas for the perfect left handed gifts, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Kathy Hoffman
    Kathy Hoffman says:

    Left handed office tools. Calculators, adding machines, anything that is bound. Etc.
    Kitchen tools! Most sharp knives are for right handed use. A set of good knives wit the blade sharpened to the left handed user. That’d be great!

    Standing mixers are constructed to favor the right handed user as the bowls sit on the stand, it is awkward for a lefty touse a spoon or spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl.

    Sewing machines!

  2. Robert
    Robert says:

    While in Vietnam when shooting the M60 machine gun and my M16 all guns are made for right handers. So all the shells that are ejected out go toward your body, instead of away. I had to learn to position myself differently so the ejected shells would miss me and not all the time did that work. Strangely when I shoot a handgun now (Which isn’t very often) I use my right hand. Here’s another. :. While casting with my fishing rod I cast with the left, but then switch hands to reel in with left also. It’s awkward, but I have been doing it for a long time and it’s natural for me.
    I was glad to read here that I’m not the only one who switches eating utensils when eating. Now that’s always a pain. Happy left handed day to all. RGS … Bob

  3. Girish
    Girish says:

    It’s quite annoying with some things in this right handed world. Better there be a company which specifically makes things for us (lefties). Because the right handed people have no ideas about the lefties.

  4. bob
    bob says:

    Because right-handed people dont get it try this,I lke to switch out thier every day tools,(scissors,ruler,ect.) with mine( lefties )and wait .It doesnt usaully take long before they have a better understanding of what we”ve been saying when we say ,these tools suck!(righties) and im 95% left

  5. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Having joined an embroidery group where it’s necessary to learn and sew many varied and sometimes complicated stitches I found it very difficult almost impossible to understand the diagrams to do these stitches — hey presto when I turned the book upside down I could make sense of the diagrams. There are some embroidery books available solely for lefties.

    A left handed wallet is hard to find —– take a ladies wallet ,open it as a lefty and the slots that hold credit cards etc will be upside down allowing the cards to fall out.

    The list goes on with so many day to day activities

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