Left Handed Guitar Picks by TimberTones

I can see you there, hovering behind your screen with that look of “are you serious?!” plastered all over your sceptical face. Yes… left handed guitar picks are a thing! Wait..didn’t you know that?

Timber Tones, those purveyors of all things exotic when it comes to guitar picks have just released a line of left handed plectrums – Lefty Tones! I reviewed several of their exotic wood picks a few years ago, but it would seem that the company has been incredibly busy since then!

Timbertones Lefty Tones

With Lefty Tones, the company has selected some of their more popular plectrum materials and carved grooves designed to snugly fit into the hand of southpaw guitar players. On one side there is a simple dimple for your thumb, and the flip-side features a groove which follows the natural curve of your index finger.  As you can imagine, this makes for a very snug and secure feeling pick.  See the image below for a close up view of each side.

At the time of writing, Lefty Tones are available in the following materials – Black Horn, Buffalo Bone, Clear Horn and African Ebony. Each has a different tonal characteristic – hit up the Timber Tones website for details.

Left Handed Guitar Picks by TimberTonesTimber Tones sent me over a few examples to test out.  Naturally, I was a bit sceptical – as I’m sure you are right now. As many of you know, I work in a guitar store here in sunny (yeah right!) Scotland. It was hugely entertaining watching my workmates’ faces move from a look of confusion to “Actually…that really works!”. In fact, I had a steady stream of people coming into the office to see if the rumors were true or if they were just being made fun of.

They feel really comfortable in the hand, and thanks to the special grooves they are incredibly griptacular. Yes, I just made up a word. You can use it if you want. And as is true of anything made by Timber Tones, they look fantastic.

Of course, if you hold your pick in an unorthodox fashion then these are going to be of no use to you.  Luckily Timber Tones have a million other exotic plectrums for you to try out. Hurray!

Why not give them a go.  At the very least, they’re a great conversation starter!

For more information:
TimberTones Website

In the USA? Grab some here.

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  1. dkong99
    dkong99 says:

    I went ahead and ordered a sampler pack and some singles directly from Timber Tones, it took less than a week to arrive in California. Very quick service. The picks themselves are exactly as advertised. With the grooves one does have to hold the pick properly which in my case is a good thing as I tend to use a 3 finger grip normally. Best of all they don’t slip out of your grasp when playing, yes I can verify they ARE super grippy. Even with the currency exchange charges they are well worth the money. I will be doing business with this company again. These picks are fantastic! I highly recommend them.


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