Left Handed Guitar Store Directory

Left Handed Guitar Directory

I receive emails on a daily basis asking if we have certain guitars listed on the site in stock. This is despite the fact that LeftyFretz is not a guitar store, and despite the fact that the contact page clearly states we are not a store.

So I thought it would be a good idea to start putting together a list of the places which actually are stores! But not just any old stores – let’s make a list of all of the shops who specialise in left handed guitars from around the world.

Left Handed Guitar Stores Directory

DHR Guitar Experience – Cincinnati, USA
Specialises in high-end left handed guitars, such as Benedetto, Collings, Breedlove, Hamer, K-Line, Grosh and many others.
Website : DHR Guitar Experience

Jerry’s Lefty Guitars – Florida, USA
Jerry Welch’s store is based in Sarasota, Florida and specialises in mainly higher-end guitars.
Website : Jerry’s Lefty Guitars

LeftyGuitars – Putte, Belgium
LeftyGuitars is one of Europe’s only left handed guitar specialists and is located near Antwerpen in Belgium.
Website : LeftyGuitars

LeftyGuitarsOnly – Rhode Island, USA
LeftyGuitarsOnly is one of the newest southpaw guitar stores to arrive on the scene. They have decided to specialise in higher-end left handed guitars and as a result, have some of the nicest guitars around – give them a look if your wallet is feeling flush!
Website : LeftyGuitarsOnly

Left Hand Gear – Essen, Germany
Left Hand Gear is based in Germany and holds a small stock of interesting southpaw guitars.  As well as selling guitars they also sell a variety of left handed parts such as necks, bodies and hardware.
Website : Left Hand Gear

Pancho’s Leftys – Michigan, USA
Pancho’s Leftys is located in Michigan, USA and has a great selection of left handed guitars and basses. The website also keeps a photo gallery of previously sold guitars which is always great viewing.
Website : Panchos Leftys

PK’s Music – Perth, Australia
Here’s one for the Ozzies – PK’s Music is run by Peter Kelly and is based near Perth in Western Australia. The store has been open since 1985, making it one of the oldest around!
Website : PK’s Music

Southpaw Guitars – Texas, USA
Possibly the longest running lefty specialist store in the world! Southpaw Guitars is based in Houston, Texas and has a wideranging selection of instruments available for purchase.
Website : Southpaw Guitars

Taniguchi-Gakki – Tokyo, Japan
A great choice for Japanese southpaw guitarists, Taniguchi Gakki have been operating since 1937 in Tokyo.  They carry a great selection of left handed guitars and basses.  English speaking customers might need a translation plugin to properly view the site however 😉
Website : Taniguchi-Gakki

Xtreme Lefty Guitars – Florida, USA
Xtreme Lefty Guitars (XLG) is a family run business based in Pembroke, Massachusetts and specialises in left handed guitars aimed at the rock and metal demographic. They often commission special runs from certain brands, so you may find that some of the guitars on offer here are not available anywhere else!
Website : Xtreme Lefty Guitars

Lefty Friendly Stores

Regular guitar stores with better than average left handed sections.  To me, the criteria is a decent selection of guitars which isn’t just made up of the usual Fender/Gibson guitars that every other store sells.

Adirondack Guitars (USA)
Amazon (USA)
Dave’s Guitars (USA)
DrumCityGuitarLand (USA)
Guitar Amp Keyboard (UK)
GuitarGuitar (UK)
RondoMusic (USA)
Sam Ash (USA)
Sweetwater (USA)

If there are some great lefty (or lefty friendly) stores in your neck of the woods leave a comment below!  No doubt I’ve missed plenty of great establishments.

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  1. Cecile
    Cecile says:

    My husband is a lefty guitarist and we often visit Bax-shop.nl in Goes, Netherland since they have a nice selection of lefthanded guitars available to try before you buy. They also have excellent service and offer a variety of merchandise for not just guitarists but all types of musicians.

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