Left Handed Guitarist Observations – As Pie Charts

Who doesn’t love a good old pie chart? Here are a few observations that left handed guitar players may be able to associate with – in the form of pie charts!

Left Handed Guitar Pie Chart

Lefty Guitar Pie Chart Graph


Black Left Handed Guitars Funny Pie Chart


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  1. tim
    tim says:

    This is excellent and so true. But my local guitar shop turned out to be left hand central last year. They had the Mexican Strats USA Strats, a Jaguar and Telecasters, even a custom shop Strat. I bought my Les Paul Standard there.
    Last week they had a 57 custom shop Strat and a 57 reissue Goldtop Les Paul. It’s lovely to be able to try out stuff that righties take for granted.
    I also bought my Martin acoustic there. They don’t laugh if you say your left handed

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