Lefty Guitars For Kids – 3/4 Sized Models

Are you looking for a ¾ sized left handed guitar for a child? Or perhaps you just need something a little smaller to throw in the trunk when travelling.  This article is for you my friend! Although we aren’t overwhelmed with choice, there are some fantastic little guitars out there.

If you’re looking for something even smaller, take a look back at my half size left handed guitars article. Or perhaps a Ukulele would be a fun option if you want to go even smaller!

Left Handed Guitars For Children

Compared to half-sized models, three-quarter sized guitars will open up a much wider assortment of guitars including some from a handful of the bigger brands.  A suitable guitar (or even a full beginner package!) should be attainable for less than $100 if on a budget.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at a few good examples… click the buttons below to jump to the relevant sections! Links are provided for each guitar so that you can see their current pricing.

Popular ¾ Sized Left Handed Acoustic Guitars


The electrics, basses and classicals listed below are all very similar in terms of quality. However, with the acoustics I would absolutely recommend going for one of the Taylors if budget permits. These are all professional quality guitars, with the GS Mini in particular being exceptional.  I personally keep a GS Mini in my own collection and it is one of my absolute favorite guitars. A GS Mini or Baby Taylor will potentially last a lifetime, so is a great investment.

Popular ¾ Sized Left Handed Bass Guitars

Smaller bass guitars are a lot harder to find than 6-string guitars. Even right handed models are tricky to come by!  Any of the guitars listed above will make a great tool for younger players, but if you decide to opt for something a little bigger, definitely check out my article on the best beginner left handed bass guitars.

Popular ¾ Sized Left Handed Classical Guitars


Again, smaller sized left handed classical guitars are tricky to come by.  The guitars listed above are some great examples which you can pick up today, but if you are willing to wait a little longer you have the option of special ordering a guitar from brands such as Alhambra or Contreras.

For a larger selection of options you might like to take a look at the Newbie Guide, which lists some great full-sized classical options.

Popular ¾ Sized Left Handed Electric Guitars

Any of those should make a fantastic first guitar.Some of the models I listed are not strictly ¾ sized – some are simply shorter scale-length guitars which more or less means the same thing.  With shorter scale length guitars the frets are closer together, which should make it easier for smaller hands to navigate the fretboard. The majority of full sized guitars have a scale length of 25.5 inches, whereas most Les Paul or SG style guitars are slightly shorter at 24.75 inches.  If you are unable to locate a 3/4 sized model, try and find a full sized Les Paul as opposed to a Strat or Tele which both have the longer scale length.

Lefty Travel Guitars

It may also be worthwhile having a look into left handed travel guitars if you can’t find anything to your liking from the ¾ sized market.  Travel guitars are designed to be mobile (duh!) and as such they may turn out to be a good smaller instrument for your kids. Check out my article on left handed travel guitars.

As A Last Resort

If all else fails, buy a right handed instrument and string it left handed.  As we mentioned in our article on restringing a right handed guitar upside down this isn’t the best route to take, but if no other options are available it may be a necessary evil until your child can handle a full sized left handed guitar.

If you require a smaller guitar for your even younger child – check out our article on 1/2 Sized Left Handed Guitars or lefty ukuleles.

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  1. Alex van Dorsselaer says:

    Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write about not just left handers but also kids. My son Adam is a super keen budding guitarist (7 yrs old) but we are struggling to get him a real left handed electric. It looks as though I’ll have to get him one from the USA as Australia has virtually no options for lefty kids – think I’ll go with the Ibanez Mikro. I’m right handed but have two left handed guitarists as sons (who incidentally are right handed at everything else!!).


  2. Alex says:

    Hi Neal,
    What a coincidence! After I posted my note I got onto an Ibanez distributor who couldn’t help me out with a lefty Mikro but did recommend PK’s. I followed up and was able to order exactly the guitar you refer to. Fingers crossed the AXL is ok – have done a little research on them and it sounds as though they are quite a solid beginner to intermediate guitar. Thank you for taking the time to reply and pass on the information – Adam is very excited about getting his first real guitar!

  3. Jack says:

    I purchased a Taylor GS mini Left handed after using a Yamaha fg110 restrung left for the past 20yrs. Believe me,there is a big difference in the playing. If price is not to much of a problem ,dont restring,go left for a lefty it will be a lot easier on the fingers.


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