Ibanez JEM777 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Lefty

Back in 1987, Ibanez teamed up with Steve Vai to dream up what would become one of the world’s most iconic guitars – the JEM. Now 30 years later, Ibanez is releasing reissues of the original guitars to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

And in a move that must have shocked southpaw players around the world, Ibanez are planning to put out a left handed version!

Left Handed Ibanez JEM777-LG

Left Handed Ibanez JEM777 Loch Ness Green

The left handed Ibanez JEM777 has the following features:

  • Body : Basswood
  • Neck : 5-Piece JEM Maple/Walnut
  • Fingerboard : Maple w/ Disappearing Pyramid Inlays
  • Bridge : Ibanez Edge Tremolo
  • Pickups : DiMarzio Evolution
  • Case : Hardshell Case Included
  • Color : Loch Ness Green (LG)

Trademark features such as the Lion’s Claw tremolo cavity, Monkey Grip, and scalloped frets from 21-24 are all present an accounted for. The guitar will also feature a special 30th Anniversary neck plate.

Although right handed players will have the choice of three different colours, the left handed Ibanez JEM777 will only be available in Loch Ness Green. This is easily the most coveted color of the three, so there’s no complaints from me there. If looking at this guitar in terms of an investment, the green is a no brainer.

Ibanez put together the video below which talks about the history of this landmark guitar.

How To Get One?

Here’s what I have been able to find out so far about the left handed Ibanez JEM777.

As you’d expect, these will be expensive. The right handed greenies are already sold out everywhere, but yellow and pink models are still available for $3500 USD. Lefties are expected to be around $3600.

You have time to save up! I am told that dealers have until the end of February to order their allotment. The guitars will start being built in April and should be delivered around June/July.

They will be available worldwide from any Ibanez dealer. Contact your local store before your ordering window expires!

Ibanez Steve Vai 30th Anniversary JEM Left Handed

For more current information about these I’d recommend following the Ibanez Lefty Club on Facebook. These guys originally broke the news about this guitar, and have some great contacts for insider info on all things Ibanez.

For more information:
Ibanez JEM777 Mini-Site

2 replies
  1. James
    James says:

    According to Rich @ Ibanez Rules the lefty version of the 777 LNG will NOT be a limited model like the right handed version will be.

    Meaning there won’t be a limit to how many of them are made in left hand worldwide. They probably did this because they know not many will be ordered and will be “limited” by the simple fact that we are lefties. I’d love to get one, but like others, that $3600 plus shipping/setup fees is a bit much.

    I’m happy that Ibanez is offering it to us though! Maybe we are getting closer to the Desert Sun Yellow RG1550ML being a reality! I’d buy one in a heartbeat!

  2. Anon
    Anon says:

    Turns out they aren’t offering the green in lefty at all. Instead, we can choose from yellow or pink. Still, pretty cool for any Vai fans out there.


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