NEW! Ibanez Left Handed Genesis Collection RG550L

Ibanez has unveiled their new Genesis Collection at Winter NAMM, which includes two new and exciting left handed models!

The Genesis collection aims to recreate the excitement that the RG created when it was first introduced back in 1987. These new RG550L guitars are crafted in Japan in the spirit of those original models which took the rock guitar scene by storm.

Ibanez Left Handed Genesis Collection RG550L

Left Handed Ibanez RG550L Genesis Collection

  • Body : Basswood
  • Neck : Super Wizard 5pc Maple/Walnut
  • Fretboard : Maple w/ 24 Jumbo Frets
  • Bridge : Ibanez Edge Tremolo
  • Controls : Volume, Tone, 5-Way Selector
  • Pickups : Ibanez V7 (N), S1 (M), V8 (B)
  • Colors : Desert Sun Yellow (DY) or Road Flare Red (RF)


This is a tricky one as Ibanez is one of those companies who frustratingly only release certain guitars in specific regions. I originally spotted these two RG550L guitars in the 2018 Ibanez Europe catalogue (which you can read here if interested).

So they will be available in Europe, although curiously, not in the UK (I tried, sorry!). I assume Japan will also be receiving these. Leave a comment below if you know any better.

You’ll also find a few more new left handed Ibanez guitars and basses in the catalogue, however these two are really the only ones of interest in my eyes. Hopefully we’ll get some interesting new spot production models later in the year!

For more information:
Ibanez Guitars Website

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  1. Conor
    Conor says:

    It’s a shame they are not doing the purple model for us lefties! It looks really nice as it turns blue in some lights, but I do like the DY so I am quite tempted.


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