PRS : Left Handed Guitars 2014

Over the past few years PRS has taken to producing small numbers of limited run left handed guitars, and 2014 is no different. This year the Maryland crew has seen fit to release a special run of left handed Custom 22s and Custom 24s which you may already be able to find in stores.

Each model is strictly limited in numbers and is available in one of four different colors – Aquableux, Blood Orange, Obsidian and Violet.

Left Handed PRS Guitars 2014

Left Handed PRS Guitars 2014

Check out the image above to see all of the available guitars – on the left are the Custom 24s and on the right the Custom 22s.

The 2014 left handed PRS Custom 24 consists of a Regular shape mahogany neck with 24 fret rosewood fretboard, featuring ‘old school’ bird inlays made from abalone. The mahogany body is capped with a gorgeous ’10 Top’ figured maple top. The classic PRS 59 and 09 pickup combination can be controlled via the 5-way Blade selector switch, volume and push/pull tone knobs.

The 2014 left handed PRS Custom 22 features a Wide Fat mahogany neck with 22 fret rosewood fingerboard, adorned with ‘old school’ abalone bird inlays. The mahogany body is finished off with a stunning ’10 Top’ figured maple top. The excellent PRS 57 and 08 pickups can be commanded via the 3-way selector switch, volume and tone knobs.

PRS Guitars Website

The PRS website has no left handed section, but the left handed guitars are clearly listed in the ‘Special Editions’ category.

For more information:
PRS Guitars Website

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    I purchased one of the first lefty PRS guitars made.. I had to wait until 1998.. The Custom 22 10 top lives up to all expectations Great company and great products.. Unfortunately lefties get 2 choices c22 or c24.. Dig Deep! It’s the only way to afford one.. we’ll never see affordable SE models for us..


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