How Left Handed Are You? Find Out in 60 Seconds!

If you write with your left, you’re considered to be left handed.  But just how left handed are you really? Take the 60 second left handed test and find out!

I carry out most tasks left handed, but there’s a handful of activities that would qualify me as being right handed. For example, I use scissors right handed and i’m the same with a computer mouse. I’m definitely not 100% left handed, and I’d wager that you aren’t either! No doubt even you righties have a little southpaw in you too…

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This quiz is based on the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory with a few modern day activities thrown in for good measure. R.C. Oldfield published this measurement scale in 1971 in order to determine left or right hand dominance in everyday tasks.

An interesting fact I spotted when putting this quiz together was that most southpaws will use a knife and fork the conventional way (fork left, knife right), but when using a knife on its own, we switch to holding it on the other side.

And while we’re talking about knives – who else bought one of these and thought it was junk before you realised you had to hold the knife in your right hand for it to function properly? I almost threw mine out!

How did you score in the left handed test? Leave a comment below – I’d love to see your results!

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  1. dy
    dy says:

    im 79% lefthanded…. kind of strange..most of the things im doing on the left except for writing, holding scissor holding the mouse…

  2. Gary
    Gary says:

    84% Left Handed.

    I use the computer mouse/touchpad with the right hand because most of the letters for English are on the left on a QWERTY keyboard, not only that, most mouse devices are shaped for right hand use. Try using one of them left handed.
    Then there is the use of the knife with the right hand whilst holding the fork in the left. That is entirely consistent with left handed use, because I still use the left hand when not using a knife or using a spoon. I use chopsticks left handed too. I hold a cup left handed. This is all about being coordinated putting food in your mouth. I cannot do that right handed. When specifically using a knife to cut anything or using tools, I use the left hand.

  3. FlameAssassin_W0lf888
    FlameAssassin_W0lf888 says:

    I am 84% left handed. Though i would be more im 11 years old. Im a boy boy are more likely to become lefties than females are. Lefties rule!

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