Left Handed Travel Guitars and Basses

Travel Guitars For Left Handed Players

Travel guitars are ideal for when you’re on the road, or even just for when you need something compact in the office for a quick lunchtime jam session.  There are plenty of great left handed travel guitar options, and I’ve compiled a quick list of some of the best models currently available.

As you’d expect from a guitar likely to be thrown around a lot, none of these models are desperately expensive, and so should be accessible to most.  Designs range from models which are simply smaller in size, to clever guitars that save space through removable parts or other similarly innovative features.

Left Handed Travel Guitars

Best Left Handed Travel Guitars
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1Traveler Speedster HotRodcheck it out
28% shorter and 51% lighter than a full-size electric, the Speedster is another high quality option from portable guitar favorites Traveler. The Speedster features a full 24.75″ scale length, American maple body and neck, rosewood fingerboard and a dual-rail humbucker pickup. The arm is detachable and it comes with a gigbag for the ultimate in portability. Also includes an all-new on-board headphone amp to allow for silent practice sessions. Overall length is 28 inches. Click for video demo.

2Traveler Ultra Light Acousticcheck it out
The Ultra-Light is Traveler’s electro-acoustic option for southpaw players, and is the smallest and lightest full-scale length acoustic-electric guitar ever made! Includes a Shadow acoustic pizeo pickup for when you need a little extra volume. The lap-rest is detachable to give an even smaller footprint. As with all Traveler guitars, it will easily fit into airline overhead bins. Includes gigbag. Overall length is 28 inches. Click for video demo.

3Traveler Ultra Light Electric check it out
The newly introduced Ultra Light Electric from Traveler is the world’s smallest, most lightweight full-scale electric guitar. According to Traveler, it is 28% shorter and 68% lighter than a regular electric guitar. It features a one-piece American hard maple neck-through body design, a powerful dual-rail humbucker and a detachable lap-rest. Overall length is 28 inches. Click for video demo.

4Martin Backpacker Acoustic – check it out
Unlike the more innovative designs found on the Travelers, the 24″ scale-length Backpacker more closely resembles a traditional acoustic guitar. Specifically designed to withstand the rough and tumble of outdoor life! Super light weight at only 2.5 pounds! It is made with all-solid tonewoods for superior tone, and as it’s a Martin you can be assured of a high quality instrument. Comes complete with a quality, padded gigbag and Martin branded woven strap. Click for video demo. There’s also a nylon string version!

5Johnson JG-TR2 Trailblazer Acoustic – check it out
The Trailblazer is the most affordable option on this list, and is essentially a full sized neck with a scaled down acoustic body tacked on! Fancy appointments such as body and neck binding give it the appearance of being much more expensive than its modest price tag. A 24.75″ scale length and 33.75″ overall length makes it ideal for taking on the road. Comes with its own custom gigbag.

Other Options

Headless Guitars
If you find that your guitar is just that little bit too tall to take on the road then a guitar with a headless design may be what you need.  For example Steinberger guitars are famed for their headless neck and smaller body size – whilst not technically travel guitars they could just save that extra couple of inches that your main guitar would take up.  Something like this Steinberger Spirit could be just the ticket! A bass version is also available.

Steinberger Left Handed Spirit GT Pro

Short Scale Left Handed Guitars
Shorter scale guitars are not just for kids – they can make a perfect travel guitar for anyone!  Many guitars will come in all shapes and sizes all the way down to a 1/4 size.  Obviously smaller sized guitars come with their trade-offs, but these issues can probably be overlooked in place of their portability.

Take a look at my previous articles on short scale left handed guitars for ideas…
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Or for the ultimate compact guitar – why not try a ukulele? I have a guide for that too!

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